New Moon at 12 degrees Gemini 33’


June 3, 2019, 10:02 UT

The mind divides and the heart connects! There’s something we need to communicate.


Questions, situations and stimuli stir our soul, and change our connection with the world. Preparing for a new season!

Some fairy tales need to be experienced, because they help us to re-establish and to redefine our perception and faith in life. Others remain in our imagination and become traps of the endless “ifs”. How ready are we to deal with the “truth”? If we do not ask and do not connect we will not know. It is time to overcome and to follow our curiosity. Shift of orientation.



A new lunar cycle begins, with a highly charged cosmic mix of energies in the sign of Gemini, which places special emphasis on communication and connection with the world. Communication is not just logos, but every signal we emit for the purpose of making a connection. So, the main intention of this new lunar cycle is to connect or link data, ideas, stimuli, thoughts, information, translate and communicate in some way. Mutable signs signify the shift to a new season, and in Gemini (Mutable Air) we experience the transition from Spring to  Summer that officially begins with the Summer Solstice on June 22. So the climate is getting hotter! This Lunar month  is setting communication and connectivity at centre stage, in a way that seems like a kind of “farewell” to a previous chapter of life or experience. In this particular case, it is a very significant chapter of life, as July’s Eclipses in the signs of Cancer / Capricorn are going to be activated by Mars, and conditions will push us and perhaps in a fateful ways to begin a new relationship with ourselves, the environments of our lives, and how we relate to the world. We are in a transition and what is emphasized in this cycle is the need to clear up thoughts and discover alternative ways to communicate, to feel and to listen. Intuitive ability and emotional intelligence unlock messages that allow us to see or attribute the reality and the way we think about it by changing orientation.  

The Luminaries form a Mutable T-square in opposition to Jupiter in Sagittarius, with Neptune in Pisces at the apex. While the ruler of the New Moon is in the sign of his domicile in Gemini. Here it is either the case of  “all hell breaks loose” in some way to solve or clarify issues, or a situation that has inspired us expands and spreads into the world. The element of Earth, and the mutable quality prevail in the New Moon chart, which refers to the sign of Virgo, another Mercury ruled sign. Here we are called to communicate something perhaps to ascertain its correctness, to put our thoughts in order, to see what serves and what does not. Take an ideal, a dream, an expectation and apply it or cultivate it more in our tangible world. The dialogue between right and wrong is intense, and it has to balance and exploit a variety of information from different directions and give them meaning. Neptune either inspires or disorients as the case may be. It is a time of synthesis and reorganization of information, the unlocking of a spiritual, artistic or other venture path, of understanding that depends on honesty and the right questioning, in our relations with the environments we are engaging with, and important others (read more on the Jupiter-Neptune square further below) .


Five out of ten planets are in their signs of rulership, which means in general that everyone is interested in their own agenda and is not easily influenced by others. Every one pulls the strings of developments in their own way and each planet expresses its significations in a stable manner. Notable is the trine aspect between Venus and Pluto in the earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn, which speaks of the evolution of empowering, fatal or significant relationships that have a transformational character for our lives, while at the same time reinforcing the  theme of transformation of alliances to gain more power and wealth. The aspect perfected before the New Moon occurred, so it speaks about something that already happened, and it will have longevity and can deepen ties and associations that have already taken place. Also positive for financial or artistic endeavours. It may also have assisted in probing feelings to surface in order to end things, or deepen them.


Mars has entered Cancer on May 16th and will stay in the sign until July 1. He will be particularly active in this lunar cycle. Approximately every 2 years Mars visits the same sign. Las time he was in Cancer was 2017, the same period. Those who have Cancer or Gemini Rising, should note that Mars either prepares something from your 12th house (house of the unconscious and ending matters) or is in the first house of your chart, and it fills you with passion and energy. Pay attention, the warrior or amazon inside you, your leadership spirit and pioneering self will manifest, and acting on your gut feeling may become intense. Use it positively, boost and enhance your physical condition, and invest energy in anything that fascinates and excites your desires. Generally, in this position our energy levels change depending on our moods and feelings. It seems like everyone will have a reason to complain around this time, but also a tendency to act intuitively and with our instincts that may work better, depending obviously on the position of the transit Moon changing signs every 2,5 days. This is about cardinal intuitive desires, instinctive passions, and all that we claim, yet also combined with some moodiness or irregularly in the expression. Mars in the sign of Cancer, a water sign, means we are acting out emotionally. The tendency to defend everything that is weak will be evident. It is time to defend our feelings too.

We may be more active in our domestic sphere or stir some soul searching that may have to do with our past. Mars represents the way we act, what motivates us, our sexual energy, our libido, the way we express our anger. In Cancer, it is in fall, perhaps something is happening that feels like treading unknown territory, yet Cancer is Jupiter’s exaltation sign, and hence through the instinctual actions and activities, we may exalt and develop our faith, optimism and our ideals. This position of Mars, is linked to our emotional state, our moods and thus by the levels of security or insecurity we feel. But it is an opportunity to discover or focus on what we need to do. We will act better in whatever field we feel “familiar with”, and away from any emotional pressure, while at the same time we need to perhaps engage in an internal dialogue with ourselves that has to do with “truth”, the management of freedom and autonomy, and the rights and wrongs that go with it.

Mars from this position activates the July Eclipses at 11 degrees Cancer and 24 degrees of Capricorn / Cancer axis, so in June, a kind of upheaval and turmoil will generally prevail. The days when the eclipses are triggered are as follows: June 2 and 22, on the degrees I mentioned above. Mars will make his opposition to Saturn on June 13 and his opposition to Pluto on  June 19, accompanied by Mercury. The days between June 17-22 can be considered days of tension, conflicts between desires and needs, but it is also this important moment when we come to realise and will need to communicate, that our life is perhaps going to change significantly. We will need to exercise some restraint and reconcile opposing forces in relationships with others as the Moon will be in Capricorn. Observe what is revealed in your lives and around you, on the dates I mentioned above.

It’s either going to be about the past or the relationship we have with our past is changing.

Contacts with groups and important others around June 12-13, when Mars joins the North Node of the Moon and trines Neptune, can prove particularly positive and assist a purpose, vision, artistic or creative activity, or even present a call for solidarity, defending or assisting others, and finding solutions to problems. Significant others may enter our lives and change it by promoting or reinforcing a dream or expectation, if we have points or planets at 18-23 degrees Cancer/Capricorn. Mars in aspect to Neptune can also favour behind the scenes or ‘secret’ actions, even secret military acts, and reinforcing the navy and nautical sectors.

It would be great to utilise this lunar cycle and transit of Mars, to defend our feelings, to connect with others in a mature way, and through our intuition, balance emotion with responsibility, align with those that inspire us, and on the other hand we must put up with, duties, commitments and limitations that may pull the breaks of our spontaneity. Our perception of reality is changing, and this process has already began and is completing a very significant phase in 2020.

Contracts are crystallized as well as important relationships and agreements, while others are moving towards their solution, in order to get rid of what has exhausted its purpose to allow us to move forward. We are in a phase of transition to a new era. The Eclipses always reveal something to us. On another level, Mars with the North Node, raises libido levels. I hope all of us live our passions, and enthusiasms and find creative channels to release blocked anger.  Make love not war!


A look at the major aspect that is perfecting this month:

Jupiter-Neptune square, second hit: June 17, 2019, at 18 degrees Sagittarius / Pisces (Jupiter Rx)

Active between May 24 -15 July 2019, from 21 to 18 degrees Sagittarius / 18 degrees Pisces (3 degree orb)

The major aspect  Jupiter is forming during 2019 is a superior square with Neptune in Pisces that repeats three times. Within this lunar month the aspect will perfect for the second time. The square indicates in principle action, in the mutable modality, and there’s bound to be some difficulties or work to reconcile what the two planets represent. The closing or superior square is in its 3/4 of the cycle and speaks of the need for a change of orientation though a crisis, that has to do with our faith, truth, and ideals. Jupiter represents growth, expansion, beliefs, support, justice and truth. The question of ‘why we live’, what we believe is evident in Sagittarius, and Neptune is about the expectation, the ideal and the dream, in Pisces also in domicile, and the sign of exaltation of Venus. Our relationships and the need to be jovial may be in the forefront. Here, while the phrase that fits this equation maybe, “great expectations bring great disappointments”, it also seems as if we are preparing for a journey that will open our horizons, and perhaps to support it as an experience, we should also reflect on everything we had idealized, or we believed in the past. Neptune has to do with sacrifices and Jupiter with faith. Will you sacrifice your dogma and ideology to overcome, to experience new things, to grow or to overcome obstacles? Will you sacrifice your ethos for a dream or vision? How much do the opinions and expectations of others or yours make you shift your direction, your perspective and leave you disorientated? What sacrifices do you make in order to believe something? How much we believe in things, and how much our plans and desires grow in relation to our original vision or dream, as well as the idealized scenarios are a bet when this aspect is active. It is not necessarily the moment to fully believe in a dream on the occasion of a fortunate happenstance, but the moment of crisis in consciousness that will turn us back to our ideals, and will prompt us to think what is true and where we were perhaps disillusioned in some ways. From this perspective, the clarity, understanding and generosity offered by Jupiter in Sagittarius can be distorted by Neptune. We may also fall into the trap of “nothing is good enough”, and see every opportunity or assistance through the lens of an idealized scenario. Neptune blurs the whys and the blessings of Jupiter.

It is time to return to our dreams, to work on our philosophy of life, and to expand our experiences and knowledge. Plan and develop a broader vision for the world we wish to live. To travel, in other words, but also to be hospitable to what is not familiar to us, to those who have different perceptions from us, because it helps us to determine our targeting, and on the way, become aware or understand that perhaps something should be left behind so that we feel free to explore. The idealization of some things can also entrap us or create uncertainty. Let’s embrace the “adventure”, the new experience, because we will get to know something and grow. Neptune can activate fantasies, the magic of a state of prosperity and a blessed occurrence, but we have to confirm in practice that this is not based on impressions, and that we may be aware that it may be necessary to transform it later on, in its practical application. It is important to understand the credibility of things. Planets in mutable signs have flexibility in their expression, and both planets are in a sign that expresses their archetypal energy very comfortably. We maybe inclined to make concessions, overstretch our generosity or show tolerance and adaptability that either has to do with the promises of others or our own belief and moral code in order to receive, taste new things, and receive support. It is not a time to chase “a promise” with the expectation that it will solve all our problems, but to get out of our comfort zone and to explore how something we believe, feel and envision will be incorporated into the collective sphere, or our lives, and can host ideas, experiences, endeavours and others and become stronger. It is a highly creative aspect that can lead to a great deal of sensitivity, the development of large scale projects with a social or philanthropic dimension, wider paths of spirituality, experience and perception, interesting fusion of visual, musical, travel and spiritual trends. Excess or lack of boundaries in romantic relationships, as well as  confusion or uncertainties can prevail if we become too adventurous, speculative or engage in unclear conditions. Truth and sincerity are important factors in managing actions. If our work belongs to the spiritual or artistic realm, we may have to divide data and ask broader questions through the field we are exploring. We may find that we are disoriented or absorbed in a need to decode concepts and symbols. Teaching can provide an inspirational path and transform into a core activity. The need to seek opportunities, to broaden the scope of our horizons, can go against what others expect of us. Do not let others disorientate you with their own plans and their expectations of you if they do not respond to your own belief system and needs, because it is very easy to lose your direction and your truth. Neptune glamorises whatever it is touching, and in this case it touches our need to hope and see growth and prospect, as well as explore. So, if we are already confused, limited or looking for saviours, and escape routes, it’s probably a pretty dangerous combination because it’s very easy to take bigger risks than we can support, or waste energy and resources chasing something which is not exactly what we think it is. It also concerns our spiritual, sensual and material pursuits. Neptune’s influence also has a tendency to merge, or absorb the energy of the planet it is in contact with. You do not have to be totally identified with something or let it absorb you at the expense of other things. But you will not be able to avoid it because of Jupiter’s placement in Sagittarius, his generosity and optimism is likely to inflate tolerance and appetite for expansion. Zeus was the god who was worshipped above all other gods in mythology. The need to adore and be adored, and taste everything is enormous, and brings blessings and growth to some area of ​​our lives. In any case, we have something to understand about ourselves, and believing in things is crucial (See the house that Jupiter transits into your natal chart for more information). The Sun will activate the square from Gemini by forming a T-square on June 9-10.

Collectively we may experience, an exasperation of arrogance, inflated egos, and lying, that has of course its traps concerning leaders and international affairs, as well as the potential for disorientation through the shift in moral compass. We may also see changes in the realm of the church and religious affairs. These aspects creates trends for merging and transformations of groups, political parties, and alliances.

We can achieve a lot because there is mood and excitement, as well as exploring paths of perception and experience that are more challenging and fill us with knowledge. If we want to disseminate or develop a project then we need to work on how to present it, and to discern the usefulness of things. We should generally work and make some concessions to understand what we meet spiritually, morally, aesthetically and philosophically with the important others we want to associate or potential sponsors of our ventures and aspirations. It is a time to develop and acquire a more concrete structure of charitable actions, ideologies and social purposes, or for some of them to get withdrawn, cease or shift direction. Also a period to develop ventures that offer something that is not available in the market or create something that does not exist, and which can be combined with seemingly different activities.

The Luminaries are at the Saturn / Uranus midpoint, which according to R. Ebertin speaks of frustration and tension.

Issues to be aware of if we are already stressed or we juggle too many things. We can expect reversals, revolutionary tendencies, or we change  important structures of our lives.

Mercury and Mars are out of bounds, so our thoughts, ideas, actions and passions are activated in alternative ways or out of context. Contacts and reinforcement of actions or initiatives are assisted  and evolved more when we  engage with outside the “box” endeavours and make innovations. We need to keep an eye on our anger, words, and driving.


Issues related to Gemini:

(Transactions, contacts, agreements, negotiations, communications of any kind,learning, news, documents, signatures, means of transport, movements, books, texts, media, negotiations, commerce, siblings, schools, and in general the familiar environment)


If you are familiar with your birth chart, the house where the New Moon (12 degrees of Gemini) occurs is the realm of life that you will make a new beginning.


The New Moon will affect everyone both collectively and personally, as the positions of the planets are in contact with all elements and qualities, especially in the second and third decanates of the zodiac signs, with emphasis on mutable and cardinal.

 Warm wishes for a splendid Solar Retunr for all Gemini Sun people!


This New Moon has a more personal feel for you:

If you are born between June 1-5 (Gemini), December 3-8 (Sagittarius), September 3-8 (Virgo), March 1-5 (Pisces), or if you have personal planets, ascendant and angular house cusps at 12 (+/- 2) degrees of mutable signs, as well as at 18-20 of mutables. You may also be affected if  you have planets or points at 13, 19 – 24 degrees of Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra, and 19-22 degrees Taurus.

© Eleni Kostika 2019

Photo by Pavan Trikutam on Unsplash




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