New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer 37′


July 2, 2019, 19:16 UT

Memory, our past, continuity of life, all the essentials we have to protect and care for.

The ebbs and flows of life, what moves us, connects us with others, and what we have to overcome. An impetus to envision and change our response to life.

The New Moon / Solar Total Eclipse in the sign of Cancer urges us to address our inner world, our essential needs, our origins, our past, our automated responses, childhood experiences, the root system of life, the mother archetype, and everything that is related with emotional security in our lives.  The Moon acts like a mirror as it reflects the light of the Sun, and thus is a reflection of self and our personality, but also carries and reflects the source, which is life itself. How do we reflect collectively and personally on the continuity of life itself? The moon is usually invisible during the New Moon, but through the shadow effect, the light of the Sun becomes obscure as we observe it from the Earth, and we become witnesses of a disruption of the regularity of the synodic cycle and hence the natural flow of life. We may see this as the disruption of the celestial order which is reflected on the terrestrial order. The Sun during the Eclipse phenomenon illuminates the invisible side of the Moon. The Eclipse season is a phase where we may have revelations. This gives impetus for changes that will have a wider significance over time. This is a North Node Eclipse, so it will enhance intuition and emotions, memories, our past, unlocking a theme that will advance developments over the next three to four months and possibly lead to further unfoldment with the next Eclipses in December 2019 and January 2020.

We can expect a particularly stirred up period because of the eclipse phenomenon where our inner emotional world, our intuition and responses are triggered in a much more powerful way by what we ‘see’ or is revealed in our tangible world. Saturn, the South Node, and Pluto in Capricorn are opposing the New Moon. It is a moment where we are negotiating the structural system of our lives, its symptoms, and balancing it with internal reflection. Our inner world is taking priority. It is time to nurture the roots of the tree. Collectively, our relationship with nature and the planet, the way in which everything we have built regarding utilisation and exploitation of resources, affects conditions of living is a prominent theme. The protection of continuity of life on planet earth and who has or exercises power over that, will be a central issue of all eclipses on the Cancer/Capricorn axis until 2020. Pluto speaks of consciousness, elimination, death and rebirth, has to do with what is ‘hidden’, what we do not see on a surface level, is oppressed, becomes toxic, or demands to be recycled.

North Node Eclipses are aligned with self-growth and coordinate us with our evolutionary path. A new chapter begins (Cancer is Summer and Capricorn is Winter), as we synthesise past experience and realize that something is over. There is a need to connect with feelings and return ‘home’, while reality may feel dry, cold, serious and limiting. We are at this first gestation phase, processing continuity, and the consciousness of cultivating and caring for life through the awareness of an ‘ending’. The Cancer house in the natural zodiac is the house of “endings” and synthesis. It may be a time to even reflect on “loss” and become aware that the greatest loss of all, is what dies (within) while we live.

So, how do we align with our past to define our relationship with reality with greater clarity and maturity? How do we feel about this reality? How do we reflect on it? This cycle has nothing to do with compromises, it touches very critical and substantial issues. It assists us to intuit on what we keep and what we leave behind, practice some weeding out and pruning, and take a step forward by demanding a better relationship with ourselves, that will eventually lead to a better relationship with others and will illuminate our imaginative, soulful and creative existence in the environments we operate.

The ruler of the Eclipse is Jupiter as it has the most essential dignity on this degree. Jupiter has power this year. This implies something positive and beneficial, but also points to a tendency towards excess. In essence it is a time to effectively envision and gain faith through this particular cosmic occurrence.

The eclipse speaks of the need to come out of the vortex of our collective or personal Letheour river of unmindfulness and to remember, to care. To reflect on our truths.

The stand outs in the chart of the New Moon are: the Moon in its domicile, the Luminaries in opposition to Saturn, Pluto and the South Node, and  trining Neptune in Pisces, Mars in 0 degree Leo, Mercury-Mars conjunction in Leo squaring Uranus in Taurus, Venus unaspected in conjunction with fixed star Betelgeuse, and the only planet in an Air sign), the configuration of a Hammer of Thor involving Mercury-Mars, Jupiter and Neptune.

With the union of the Moon and Sun in the sign of the Cancer in Jupiter’s exaltation sign, we will resonate our collective mood to the notion of justice, belonging, homeland, and origins, maternity issues, women, relocation, births, legal issues, beliefs and values concerning these matters, property, housing, security, environmental protection, real estate, land, the planet, and all of nature’s creatures, the need for improvement and care. The oppositions of the Luminaries with Pluto that will occur in the waxing phase, and the emphasis on Jupiter will certainly bring out revelations, excessive expression of emotion, but also deal with ‘tough’ truths in relation to our collective memory, what has been carved into our subconscious from past experiences, and will play an important role in the reactions of people or awareness in terms of societal coherence around the world.

Mars’s shift into Leo, will manifest an extroverted energy that seeks to stabilise, and we may notice the public debate (along with Mercury in Leo) adopting a more decisive, dramatic, heroic and perhaps pompous, or arrogant tone, which in combination with the square to Uranus will operate either through awakening, flashes of brilliance, the spirit of innovation or through challenging the status quo, and generating disruption. Revisiting the past may dominate the media and political dialogue, and the need to tackle issues creatively will be in effect. We can expect an excitement of the spirit, the logic of rigidity coupled with individuality, and, in a broader sense, the awakening memory that will affect the collective spirit, that may also engage in some way with young people (Mercury).

The New Moon is at the midpoint of Venus / Pluto that is related to art and creation and perhaps a transformation of values, and Mercury/ Jupiter related to the business world, science, and public debate. While Jupiter is at the midpoint of Mars / Uranus as well as Neptune, we can expect a kind of revolutionary adventurous spirit, a freedom oriented reformist character in actions, visionary attitude, hypocrisy or attempted deception as well as potentiality for accidents. (R. Ebertin, The Combination of Stellar Influences).


Generally, the relationship of Mercury to Mars, signifies quarrels as well as sharpness of mind. It is a combination that may agitate or over-excite the nervous system, which can either have a very creative and bright expression, yet it also expresses a tendency for conflicts, a nervous and disruptive energy in society and humanitarian groups (Uranus). This combination needs special attention in cases of verbal conflicts, travel, and driving, in case it triggers planets at 00-06 degrees of fixed signs in your natal chart. There is a point of releasing the tension, which can work harmoniously if utilised through the trine with Chiron in Aries, which can assist in building bridges and investing energy in something alternative. It may be an opportunity to  express a healthier sense of “ego” and the warrior spirit, which through our own vulnerabilities, can act therapeutically in our dialogue and contacts with others. It is important to have a creative channel of expression that will help to utilise these energies in a very positive way.

The eclipse belongs to Saros 127, (3 North – J / B):  and according to astrologer B. Brady this “is an over-excessive eclipse family. Its main theme being either news involving young people or news that transforms a situation. This information can cause worry, or can cause the person to become obsessive. The individual may want to undertake large plans or activities which can be very positive. As long as the individual does not get carried away.” 1 

The relationship of the first eclipse in this Saros which happened at 22 degrees Libra (October/991), is activated by this current eclipse by Pluto located at 22 degrees Capricorn.  Pluto in the first eclipse was at 13 Libra (squaring the current eclipse degree), and Mars was on 17 Capricorn where we now observe Saturn and the South Node. We observe several contacts between the two charts in hard aspect, and this is potent. The Plutonian themes are very strong too. There will be strong motivation to act, a period where purging and catharsis is required, it may trigger passions and a tendency for power issues or undermining attitudes, invites for radical change, and states the need to overcome issues or difficult experiences of the past, struggles (internal or external), deal with suppressed desires and feelings, and can actually lead us to some kind of re-birth. The need to transform relationship connectivity, how we deal with intimacy, shared resources, co-dependent relationships, or handle issues to do with family or home are prominent. It may also activate transformations through others or manifest important ties and soul connections in our lives.

Neptune in its trine with the Luminaries and sextile with Saturn, couples maturity and realism, with faith and a sense of relief founded on solidarity and empathy, allowing relationships to evolve, as well as agreements and ventures of a spiritual or creative nature. It may also assist in becoming more lenient in resolving differences.

The Luminaries are parallel to Venus, and this will help to get closer to people, to express feelings, to externalize a need to mend relationships, but also to express talents. Mercury’s Rx motion, starting on July 8th, gives opportunity to review issues, ideas, discussions, contacts, or negotiations relating to the past. The issues that this Eclipse triggers  are already known to some extent, and July is the month that will allow us to redefine a new direction that basically aims to release, or take a first step to stabilize something creative, bring us closer to something that we want, or something that can draw important information that will help to open up some course either through relationships or through creative paths. (Mercury-Mars in Leo square with Uranus in Taurus – opening square phase of the synodic cycles = crisis in action). As Mercury will be retrograde, the aspect will repeat itself on August 16th when it will be direct, and then we will be in a position to finalize whatever it is we are negotiating between the July 9-11th.

Unaspected Venus at 28 Gemini, symbolising the principle of pleasure, attraction and union, the expression of sentiments, desires, material needs, and art or creation seems like an autonomous energy. There is no real dialogue with other planetary energies and this emphasises its independent position in relation to all surrounding circumstances, so it may operate without restrictions, influence or environmental factors. Venus conjunct fixed star Beltegeuse according to Ebertin speaks of luck, success and fame. So, this maybe about talents, skills we possess, artistic expression and expression of feelings that are emphasised and give long-term promises for positive results. Observing the ruler of Gemini, Mercury now in Leo in conjunction with Mars and square with Uranus, there is a thrust and motivation to invest energy in something creative, through sudden inspiration or even return to something that already exists with or without the contribution of someone else. This message is going to bear an influence on a personal level if there are contacts with planets or points on your natal chart (at 28 Gemini, 00-06 of all fixed signs). It may also be considered to acquire some special meaning through the wider context of the Eclipse theme, for the next 3-4 months that will follow.

The Jupiter Neptune square that was active the whole of June is slowly separating, and a sense of uncertainty or lack of direction may begin to subside at least until the end of August. We may be able to regain some clarity or develop an understand in regard to situations, particularly on an inner level, about an undertaking, vision, mission, or new experience. Jupiter is the ruler of the New Moon and very powerful in Sagittarius so my view of this Eclipse, regardless of the pressures and difficulties that need to be dealt with and overcome, will bring something positive, some kind of blessing or release in our life that will bring optimism and give sense of perspective. Essentially the challenge is to make use of it, be hospitable, but not to get caught up in overstretching our confidence, taking bigger steps than we can handle or making too many promises, as planetary relationships suggest the tendency to exaggerate. (Jupiter sesqui-square Mars and Mercury). The point here is to cultivate any situation based on intuition and the quality of connection with people and determine whether it is coordinated with nurturing our soul and gifts, it is aligned with what we need to care for and develop in our lives, plus to reconcile with the fact that time may run a bit slower than we would like.


 (If you are familiar with your natal chart the house in which 11 degree Cancer is located is the area of life that will get a boost of incoming energy, and there will be the need to cultivate, focus, support and work with more ‘ego’ for the next three months. The area of life that Saturn, South Node and Pluto in Capricorn are currently transiting, is the realm of life that you have to practice self-observation, set more boundaries, and release unnecessary matter or patterns. If the Eclipse triggers planets and points in your chart located in other houses, then those areas of life will also be activated.)



Eclipse activation dates:

May 30 –June 5, 2019 – Mars at 11 degrees Cancer, transit Moon in Cancer.

July, 2, 2019 – Solar Eclipse (11 degrees Cancer)

October 6, 2019 – Sun squaring the Nodal axis (Moon Wobble)

October 21, 2019 – Mars at 11 degrees Libra squaring the Nodal axis


Previous eclipses of the same Saros cycle:

1965, 1983, 2001

The eclipses of a Saros cycle have a periodicity and are repeated every 18 years and 11 days, or an eclipse on the same degree repeats every 19 years based on the Metonic cycle. If the eclipse is associated with personal planets or points, mainly with the Sun, Moon or angular house cusps at 10-11 degrees (+/- 1) of cardinal signs, you can refer back to the years 1965, 1983, 2001  to unlock possible evolutionary messages that concern you in relation to issues that are currently occurring and trace some connection with what was happening at that time.

On an individual level to study an eclipse in relation to a birth chart, other factors, such as transits progressions, solar arcs, should be taken into account in order to conclude on potential issues or events that the individual will be concerned with.


This Eclipse will be visible in South America and the Pacific Ocean.

For more information:


This New Moon/Solar Eclipse has a more personal feel for you:

If you are a Cancer Sun born July 1-5, Capricorn Sun born December 30 -January 3, Libra Sun born, October 1-5, Aries Sun March 29- April 3, or if you have personal planets or angular house cusps and Nodes at 11 (+/-2) degrees of cardinal signs. You may also be influenced if you have planets or points at 19 degrees Gemini (antiscion of the eclipse degree), 16-18 degrees Sagittarius and Pisces, 17-22 degrees of cardinal signs, 00 – 06 degrees of fixed signs, and 28-29 degrees Gemini.


© Eleni Kostika 2019



  1. Β. Brady, The Eagle and the Lark, Weiser Books, 1992, p. 311-312


Bill Meridian, The Predictive Power of Eclipse Paths, Cycles Research Publications, New York 2010

Ebertin, The Combination of Stellar Influences, AFA, 2004

Photo by Sai Kiran Anagani on Unsplash

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