Full Moon at 21 Pisces 05′


September 14, 2019, UT 04:34 am

Love yourself with its flaws, and realise who and why are worthy of your dedication and sacrifices

Clarify your expectations –Align yourself with your wishes – Listen to your intuition – The divine is within you – We can create our own magic in life

Release, healing, purification of feelings, the need to act independently and speak our truths – Internal Awakening – Sudden events and disruptions in relationships – Clarifications of misunderstandings – the end of a relationship cycle and a mental process or preoccupation – an opening in spiritual development and a realisation of a larger plan.

The September Full Moon on the Pisces / Virgo axis, has to do with boundaries, the capacity to discern and have faith. It is the healing and service axis that deals with issues of idealism and perfection.

Virgo is a mutable Earth sign that seeks perfection, and through Mercury uses critical ability and analysis to serve, help, cultivate, improve, adjust and treat imperfections in the tangible world of everyday life. Pisces is mutable Water that through Jupiter and Neptune seeks to “dissolve” boundaries, idealise, imagine, expand, synthesise or escape, in order to achieve some sort of transcendence or experience in connection with the larger whole. Pisces substitutes the perfection that Virgo seeks in the material world, with an ideal or a dream that will inspire and restore faith in the spiritual, collective and creative spheres of life. Both signs work through opposing views to provide, contribute and dedicate by making connections between things. Virgo with practical analytical spirit, and Pisces through emotion, vision, philosophy, synthesis and fusion.

The full moon in Pisces has a mystical or transcendental power that gives dimension to what we love and want to see grow. This Full Moon also speaks about self-love, the kind of love of self that is not dependant to the validation ego, but the sense of love that embraces our psyche and reconciles us with all our vulnerabilities.

This particular Full Moon Pisces, sensitises, captivates and activates our visions and intuitive antennas. It can be a catalyst for the reconstruction of perception and mental experience. The Moon in Pisces is a sensitive receptor of the collective subconscious. The need to connect with the ideal, to indulge unconditionally into emotions, dreams or visions, sympathise with others and ourselves, or to escape into the world of imagination, inspiration, and ideal love heightens. Music and any spiritual or creative activity become  catalysts for union with others and with our inner self. It may remind us of all those things we forget to do for ourselves, to be mindful of how we look after ourselves, to love the self with all our vulnerabilities, and sensitivities, and to become more conscious of ways to protect us from situations that are victimising or too sacrificial for our own good. It is asking us to ponder on what we so generously give into or sacrifice to support and nourish our relationships, our values, and how that ultimately distracts us from offering our self a healthy and meaningful relationship with our own heart and soul. This essential relationship with the source of life, with the Sun in Virgo depends on the ‘small’ everyday things, the quality of gestures and the way these are expressed that makes all the difference. God is in the details. Listening to our intuition will illuminate truths, give greater understanding, assist in envisioning what we truly want, and we may also find that sometimes we do wear ‘masks’ to conceal our “mistakes”, flaws, or to avoid what we can’t face directly. Above all, we come spiritually closer to the awareness of the self, what is priceless in life, but also attune our perception towards unconditional love of self, through its most vulnerable manifestations. Something to remember: criticism without love has never helped anyone improve.

Every collective vibration affects us and we absorb it with greater sensitivity and sensibility. It is a time of (emotional) healing or spiritual uplifting, which maybe triggered through disappointments, misunderstandings, or messages from the subconscious, even through dreams. Collectively, we are in tune with cosmic love and empathy. Above all, the Moon in Pisces is moved, uniting and responsive to kindness and generosity, has the ability to forgive, help and transcend.

We must first forgive ourselves instead of indulging in excessive criticism or victimising attitudes. Setting healthy  boundaries can either speed up the healing of relationships or destruction of them. With the mutable emphasis we may feel somewhere “in-between”, and this is the point cause an important and necessary transition of purification and channelling is being made until we enter the new season (Autumn Equinox). Moon conjoined Neptune and opposed Mars a few hours before the Full Moon, so we may have felt frustrated, confronted and ruptured, experiencing misunderstandings, or trying to clear up inaccurate behaviours and boundaries. We may have realised that we have exceeded certain limits. We may also have wanted to invest energy in something that inspires us. With Jupiter in its domicile, the ruler of the full moon and at the apex of the mutable T-square, excess maybe a potentiality, yet it is very possible that his influence will contribute to more positive conditions, and we will clarify many big ‘why’s’. We may also become aware of how to develop a plan or vision. Jupiter speaks about  truth, justice, the need for freedom, the dimension of ethics and ideology in our relationships, but he also seeks clarification of our social myths, in the light of what we envision and wish to develop in our relationships with others. Something we have believed or promised may disappoint us, we may have indulged in an experience while we really wanted to do something else. It nonetheless urges us to open our eyes and gain a wider perspective. Mars is still under the influence of the rays of the Sun, separates from a square to Jupiter, which may have amplified desires and passions, but also may have contributed luck to actions and operations, while reinforcing our fighting spirit. The warrior principle is still not very clearly targeted, despite being expressed through a practical and analytical attitude. What are the truths we are fighting for? What kind of experience do we claim? How does this fit into our ideals and our dreams? What is the internal barometer of our concept of growth and how does it depend on the environments we engage with or the expectations of others? Mars applying opposition to Neptune tests our expectations and confronts us with illusions, our ideal, or unexpected luck and help from nowhere. It also indicates the need to find a more objective relationship between desire and sacrifice. The notion of autonomy and unconditional union need to be defined if we are to attain more equal relationships. Where do I sacrifice and where do I maintain my independence? Anger or passion may get out of hand, while seeking resolution. On another level, the opposition of the two planets tends to disperse our energy, or lead us to exaggerations and plans that may feel as they are not able to see the desired results. Sharing in relationships through spiritual, or creative ways is the most favourable expression of the aspect. Everything may feel more urgent with Mercury and Venus in the final degree of Virgo. A cycle of relationships, love, or some mental process and pre-occupation is at a critical stage and seeks closure. Venus from the placement of her fall will enter Libra her domicile, so we can expect an improvement and perhaps more stability in relationships, love, creations, finances and social life, while Mercury transitions from a placement of rulership and exaltation to the realm of Libra, and this may contribute to a shift from a more rational mental processing and analytical expression on practical issues and their implementation, to a more objective, balanced, diplomatic and extroverted way of seeking connections and exchange. Both planets in union speak of the pleasure of talking, learning, creative writing and negotiating unions. Make sure you don’t only listen to what you’d like to hear. The conjunction of the planets is on the cardinal point 0 Libra (Autumn Equinox), on the World axis, which is connected to the public sphere. It may feel urgent to complete, communicate and make something public. The two planets, either lead us to an ending of a matter, bring about an urgent meeting or contact or indicate something important that “blooms” and assumes visibility. The way we relate and the way we think and communicate about love, pleasure, money and creativity is more active and extrovert. Communications, agreements, relationships, alliances and finances enter a new chapter, so we will notice the shift in our immediate interactions. The two planets are at the midpoint of Jupiter/Saturn which denotes according to R. Ebertin, communication and contacts with a desire for change, possible travel, but also  a dimension of change in our social environment.

We can also expect significant progress indicated by the trine Mars makes with Pluto, that will greatly enhance ambitions and sense of purpose, activating our deepest passions, and will aid the completion of chronic issues regarding co-dependency in relationships and finances. In any case, the emphasis on mutable signs indicates that we are looking for new stimuli, opportunities and ways to explore and improve situations since the end of August, that will possibly lead to a change in orientation. The adaptation of expectations is part of the equation, and it may present the need to let go of something in order to focus on something else.  This may have to do with knowledge, travel, expansion of ventures, legal matters, seeking support, relationships of all kinds or have some spiritual and creative significance. It may just mean that we have to juggle different things at the same time, so flexibility is the key. Stress can be avoided with clear communication. 

The Moon conjoins with Neptune and trines Pluto a few hours before the Full Moon, which speaks of a kind of transcendence and the connection between dream/faith and power, a potential disappointment we may have felt, or our contact with the mysteries and the existential dimension of life. Our capacity to imagine is heightened and deepens. We may leave a place of uncertainty, fatigue and confusion and gain empowerment, to purge our lives from patterns, habits and behaviours that do not serve anymore. We align our intuitive faculties towards our dreams, gaining faith, inspiration and romance and harmonise it with greater consciousness of what is of essence. The harmonious aspects of the luminaries with Pluto potentially offer revelations of  hidden issues, bring important awareness while reinforcing the will, talents and passions. Above all, this Full Moon helps us to cultivate faith and give meaning to things, but also to leave behind situations that have kept us trapped or absorbed our energy in the world of illusions.

The Full Moon will definitively bring closure to some issues, while also trigger some unexpected events and disruptions in friendships, marriages, parental dynamics, professional or love relationships, emphasising the need to act independently, awaken or make changes. Uranus is the only planet in a fixed sign and is at the Sun/Moon midpoint.

The Full Moon will probably increase the need for relief from stress and this may trigger some physical weaknesses. It is an opportunity to clarify what we believe in, and to pick up subtle messages we receive about what is true or not, and what we can improve towards a healthier lifestyle.


The Sun is conjunct fixed start Denebola, a star carrying the symbolism of the myth of the Nemean Lion, and according to B. Brady this star indicates “being out of the mainstream of thought, not conforming..and seeing the world differently in some way. This may have very good results leading to a great deal of success, but generally that success will be on the edge of the establishment, out of step with the main point of view. Or it could be very negative, implying you ‘re not open to the views of the collective and tend toward dictatorial attitudes. … you could find that you hold different views from others, which causes frustration. Awareness of this, and listening to other opinions will be of benefit, not necessarily to change your mind, but merely to enable you to understand the other points of view.”1 

So, in relation to the Sun, the above may have to do with leadership, the expression of talents, decisions as well as our spirit and the conscious mind, nous. The myth of the Nemean Lion speaks obviously of heroic deeds, courageous actions, and trials we go through, which eventually become part of the “armour” we wear and may present an image of strength,  power, and pride, but at the same time it is difficult for others to truly recognise us or see us for who we really are. Just as Hercules wore the Lion’s skin after killing it and Erystheus could not recognise him and mistook him for the Lion itself. So, let’s use this Full Moon energy, to ponder on the relationship between our inner and outer self, and to clarify the way they merge and how accurate that is. This will become more apparent through the messages and responses we receive from the external environment.

Under this Full Moon, we either tune our antennas into empathy and visions, with the high frequency of sensitivity, that will allow us to make connections between things and develop a more accurate perception of self and help us with any changes we wish to make or its highly absorbing emotional resonance  and its connection to Jupiter and Neptune, could let us slip into excessive indulgence through every stimuli and vibration around us, resort to dogmatism, tune into disappointments, excessive behaviour, lack of boundaries and/or escapism. It can go either way and this is a matter of temperament. Imagination works in two ways: it either nurtures your fears and nightmares and paralyses you or gives you the ability to synthesise, create and therefore believe in your capacity to instigate change, gain perspective and freedom and seek ways out of limitations.


This Full Moon also reminds us that we do not need to do or respond to something we do not want and that we are the carriers of love and kindness in our lives. It perhaps raises some dilemmas in our relationships about how we value love, our creations and anything we possess. There could also be an ethical dimension. It may also require that we distance ourselves from the day to day mundane world, to enjoy things that inspire us, or to combine work with pleasure.

Melancholic moods, poetic expression, music, as well as those things that are “hidden” have meanings and messages that are worth listening to, and bring us closer a larger plan. Others either help or disorientate us, but in both cases we will more accurately adjust our spiritual direction and expectations and realise that we can indeed have a kind of “protection” within the context of what we are dealing with.

With the emphasis on the mutable quality and the element of the Earth, something is making a transition and is changing, on the earthly, practical, sensual and material part of our lives. With the ingress of Mercury and Venus into Libra (Air) we will begin to see things and the data we have collected in the past, to rise, externalise, and become communicated more actively seeking a new kind of balance

The energy of this full moon and its themes are active until the end of the lunar month on September 27.


This Full Moon has a more personal feel for you:

If you are a Pisces Sun born March 10-14, a Virgo Sun born September 12-16, a Sagittarius Sun born December 12-16, and a Gemini Sun born June 11-15, or if you have Ascendant, cusps of angular houses, points, or personal planets at 21 degrees (+/- 2) of mutable signs. You may also be affected if you have Ascendant, angular house cusps, points, or personal planets at 15-18 degrees of mutable signs, 20 degrees Capricorn, and 29 degrees of variable and 00 Impulses.


I wish we all enjoy a magical full moon tonight!


© Eleni Kostika 2019



  1. Brady, B. Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, Weiser, York Beach, Maine, 1998, p.266

Photo by Jaime Handley on Unsplash


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