New Moon at 05 Libra 20′


September 28, 2019 – 18:26 UT

Balance Exercises – Equality, Love, Art, Harmony

In a spirit of change we make adjustments and focus on making our lives more harmonious, finding new balances in love and relationships with others.

The New Moon in Libra activates a new intention in creating bridges, by ‘marrying’ elements that will contribute to a more harmonious engagement with the environment of life. Naturally, the field of relationships, or contracts with others, how and what we share, as well as the sense of fairness and equality are emphasised in personal and collective realms. Libra, ruled by Venus, is the exaltation of Saturn, and in this cycle we may experience an air of formality that emerges through the social context of life, whether it concerns values, relationships, partnerships, or art and culture. Libra is the sign that has the power of reconciling opposite forces and operate by promoting commitments through equal give and take. This emphasises a sense of responsibility, compromise, and a spirit of cooperation with others.


The Luminaries separate from an opposition with Chiron that may have presented vulnerabilities and weaknesses regarding  ego and identity, our sense of belonging, and the nurturing  principle in our lives that required healing. Relationships with others, or compromises we needed to make may have triggered a sense of ‘inadequacy’ or past wounds in relation to our vital space or our autonomy.  The applying waxing quincunx aspect (of the nature of Virgo) with Uranus in Taurus speaks of this lunar cycle’s requirement for adjustments to daily life or to changes we wish or need to make with ourselves, and our relationship patterns. This can liberate us or awaken talents, abilities and skills. It is a positive indication for starting something exciting, tackle health problems through alternative therapies, and generally utilise intuition in making adaptive changes in relationships, and their financial or creative dimension. It brings progressive occupations into our lives, shows us the need to change habits and routines, promotes solidarity and through assistance by others.


The ruler of this New Moon in Libra, Venus in the sign of her domicile, emphasises equality, love, aesthetics, relationships, well-being, love, art, social life, and motivates responses, emotions and self-will to share more as we are making important beginnings. The Moon in Libra needs relationships, and harmonises through social etiquette, values, and artistic expression. It is responding to equality, sense of fairness, and is destabilised by conflicts. So, any disharmony will be strongly felt.

We are starting a new emotional cycle, in the realm of life that the New Moon occurs in our natal chart, where we can set some new intentions and they will relate either to the context of our relationships, our values, what we possess and love or the way we socialise in the environments that interest us. We will also adopt greater sensitivity in pleasing others, in a context of friendliness, social spirit, good taste, artistic expression of talent, the need to relate or mediate to bring people together or to reconcile differences. We can also disseminate, our affections, creations or values, learn more about something or someone we love, engage in public relations to promote our work (Venus and Mercury in Libra – Air) more actively, and we can also attract financial benefits from partnerships and trade. Generally social gatherings can promote our interests and trigger connections between people.

This cycle demands we develop an awareness of bridging differences, and to achieve a better balance. The crucial question is where and how we compromise, how we employ diplomacy and objectivity. Venus makes a partile applying sextile with Jupiter in Sagittarius (domicile), while separating from a square with Saturn in Capricorn (domicile). Planets in domicile have their own agenda and express what they represent in a stable manner. This may speak of moving away from a context of obligations, limitations, inhibitions or more conservative attitudes in our commitments,  the way we relate and harmonise with the world around us, and move towards an opportunity that promises benefits, sense of freedom, truth, new experiences, and perspective. We can expand or indulge affections, love, creations and values, while  supporting commitments, past experience and what we have built. This aspect will give occasion for enjoyment and happy feelings, prosperous acquisitions, financial gains, gifts, and beneficial unions. This opportunity may also assist in overcoming past fears, through something or someone, and promote a shift in targeting our energy elsewhere in relationships of all kinds. There is an opening for new relationships and love, developing talents and creations, social interactions, optimism, generosity, travel, acquiring new experiences, contacting people from abroad or through teaching and spiritual interests. Every opportunity around us, regarding something we believe in, is positive and it may lead to something in the long run that will contribute in the  restructuring of the rules and reality of our lives.


Venus will make a waning square with Pluto in Capricorn, after it sextiles Jupiter, and will either take a step towards strengthening healthy relationships, artistic endeavours, finances and partnerships, or radically transform their context. Anything that is toxic or unhealthy will be purged, or it may be eliminated through tensions, control games or ‘hidden’ issues that will inevitably come to the surface. Intense need for companionship, intimacy, power of creativity, strong passion and magnetism are possible manifestations of this aspect. In terms of intimate relationships, the low vibration of this aspect creates tensions, manipulative behaviours, triangulation, possessiveness, and jealousy, while the high vibration empowers, heals, it says I want to know you on a deep level, know your fears and secrets, and I will love and accept you as you truly are. So, in order to develop and deepen our relationships, we need to be more conscious  with the shadow aspects of our psyche, while at the same time become aware of the value system that  defines our perception of the world.


The waning square is like Capricorn, it is as if we have reached a goal or achieved something, and in order to move forward we need to let go, evaluate our direction, take action, and radically resolve issues that are not working, or control and restrict us in such a way that it becomes restraining and toxic to our evolution.

The Venus-Saturn synodic cycle just entered its ¾ phase before the New Moon, while the Venus-Pluto synodic cycle will do so within the current lunar cycle. Venus-Saturn synodic cycle speaks about limitations and tests in love, the fear of rejection, lack of self-worth, or the value of our work, the labours of love or the love that comes with duties, the notion of time promoting endurance and longevity in love and commitment, true love that matures over time, the relationship between public status-career and love. Venus’s separating waning square with Saturn offers ground for mastering self-love realising limitations, and teaches us through tolerance of restrictions, distance, consciousness of our attachments, tests, constant effort to appreciate the benefits of setting the ‘right’ boundaries, what we need to let go of. It is affirming that we can learn to love ourselves and give value to our feelings, by letting go of external conditioning and validation. It also speaks to us about the dimension of time and its essential importance in matters of love and self-esteem. So, if we were deprived of basic goods, money, or love, in this cycle, we probably have done some important self-work and started to become aware of the healthy notion of boundaries which  in this lunar cycle will be dealt with through setting new intentions in equal give and take and mutual sharing.

Venus-Pluto synodic cycle speaks about desire for sensual pleasure, the power of attraction, the transforming power of love, of pleasure, of creation and art, of intimacy and deep sharing of affections, and financial co-dependency patterns. In Libra and Capricorn these expressions become defined through others and assume a social awareness.  What we want to share, with whom we want to unite, what we wish to attract and how much the power of dependency on social acceptance, validity of our value system, public life or status, is assisting or restricts us is something to work with and do some serious purging in this current cycle. The two planets have an affinity with Saturn, so something crystallises and matures, and assumes form in relation to love, unions, values, money or art. A form that is visible.

The element of Air allows things to rise and be shared. The need to change the rules in our relationships and financial contracts is becoming tense through the Saturn and Pluto squares, as is the notion of real proximity in our commitments. In other words Venus is at the  Saturn/Pluto midpoint. We either deepen our commitments, we radically change the rules, we gain spiritual growth within love and relationships or they ‘die’. Venus is separating from a waning quincunx with Neptune in Pisces, and is also parallel with Neptune, which expresses both our sensitivity and idealism, has heightened spiritual connections, and invites us to trust what we do not understand, perhaps leave behind illusions, misunderstandings, sacrificial tendencies, and transform expectations in giving value to realism and mutual sharing. To create, heal, and  to synthesise what we love into something more transcendental and meaningful. Jupiter’s connection to Venus is providing an opportunity to be honest and speak our truths regarding love, but mostly to gain faith through affections and relationships.


This lunar cycle implies there is a connection between idealism and realism. Idealism does not negate realism. It will force us to deal with this and to practice the right balance. The Moon rules the North Node in Cancer, that is the exaltation of Jupiter. So, in this cycle, through the sign of Libra, we are called upon to draw on lessons learned from the past and create new memories through new experiences, relationships, and collaborations that focus on rebuilding a better harmony in our lives in a more emotionally protective environment.


It leads us to  an awareness of problems, injustices, inequalities, and conflicting elements in the reality of our life (the Luminaries are in the terms of Saturn), and so it is a month that will have a focus on a practical application needing to give results, in relation to Saturn issues – work, goals, obligations, constraints, commitments. Saturn has two dimensions, one that has to do with our visible reality, thus the surface of things, the form, and that which has to do with being brave and mature to change the rules, and gain wisdom from prior experiences. The level at which we adhere to superficial consensus of our value systems, or focus on a serious outlook of re-defining the structures that really support, and doing the right thing, depends on where we are on our personal journey of evolution.


The square of Venus with Pluto, followed by the Sun in the very dynamic and impactfull Full Moon on October 14, will certainly test us with challenges for which we will make important decisions that will radically change the areas where the cardinal cross resides in our natal charts. In the natural zodiac we are dealing with the me vs us, and the relationship between origin and aspiration, private vs public, -‘where we come from and what we aspire to be appreciated for’. In those realms we will have the most significant changes through the eclipses by the summer of 2020.


It is also a month where we can repair damaged relationships, clear the atmosphere, or decide to end them as problems surface that we may have avoided in the past. A kind of renewal of the conventions we have in our lives is called for, and a path towards healing. Meeting with the other side comes either through tackling difficulties, or the need to clarify and renew what has preceded. Issues that we are dealing with collectively or personally and have been triggered by the Solar Eclipse on July 13, 2018, will surface again until the Full Moon on October 14, for which we will strive to find new balances, and will eventually be completed or end with the Lunar Eclipse on January 10, 2020.


The essential point of this cycle is to realise that the expression of the source is harmony in love,  harmony in life, and this is not found outside ourselves, it is within, but we tend to clarify it and define it, in our integration with the environments we interact with. Regardless of the difficulties, limitations, and conditioning  surrounding our reality and structures that support our values, there is a need to reflect and establish faith in the spiritual aspect of inner harmony and love, that is so vital to our existence and equilibrium. We maybe reminded through Pluto’s squares that everything is possible. 


Mars in Virgo ensures that everything is correct and in the right place, reinforces the distinction between what is useful and what needs to discarded, and while being parallel with the Luminaries, states that activity, strengthening relationships, improving, stepping in to help and adapting will blend with our needs and intentions. There may also be a tendency for disagreement, change of direction or improvement  in activation of our contracts with others, in family, home and relationships. Some disagreements and conflicts may be unavoidable, especially with issues concerning the past.

The emphasis on the Air element, as well as the cardinal quality, presents a very socially active month, with communication, while the engagement of Uranus will add excitement or promote changes to the content of our lives that may awaken us in regard to what matters and is fertile. Interactions with people, will give optimism or a sense of well-being. Mercury, at 23 degrees Libra is on Spica, and has dignity by triplicity so it gives luck and good timing through communication, contacts, agreements and negotiations.


This New Moon is positive for public relations, partnerships, legal issues, weddings, agreements, social gatherings and events, new love affairs, artistic, professional, financial issues, and in general the activation of changes regarding habits, routines  or health.


 (If you are familiar with your natal chart the house where the 5th degree of Libra is located is the area of ​​life where you set a new intention, and start a new chapter in your life, through the themes described above).


The New Moon has a more personal feel for you:

If you are a Libra Sun born September 26-30, an Aries Sun born March 24-28, a Cancer Sun born June 25-30, a Capricorn Sun born December 25-29, or if you have personal planets, Ascendant, angular house cusps or points at 05 (+/- 3) degrees of cardinal signs. Also affected are those with planets or points at 05 degrees of Taurus, 17 degrees of Sagittarius, and 14-20 degrees of cardinal signs.



© Eleni Kostika 2019



Photo by Javardh on Unsplash

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