New Moon at 04 Sagittarius 03’


November 26, 2019, 14:06 UT

In preparation of a plan that is becoming a reality; expectations and dreams reveal their realistic dimension.

Do you trust your heart and how willing are you to do something about it?

How do we begin to lay the groundwork in order to integrate a mission, plan or vision into our reality and clarify its viability. Truth, trust, faith and the risks we are willing to take as we are moving into a new order of things.

The New Moon in Sagittarius invites us to look at the big picture, to think about the future, to clarify the prospect of a new direction in order to finally bring closure to a chapter of experience and enter a new one. The intentions we will set forth this lunar month will lead to the fermentation, completion and closure of longer cycles, and will also lay the foundations for a meaningful shift of priorities, perception of our world and interests that will likely take the whole of 2020 until they shape into form.

In the lunar cycle that begins today, we are called upon to become conscious of the notion of risk, trust, faith, promise and the adjustments we need to make in our lives in order to support conditions that have developed in their practical application in order to give us more freedom of movement in the future and strengthen our supports on the material level of life. This entails new ventures or spiritual and creative pursuits. This process includes clarifications and disengagement from situations and relationships, changes and/or adjustments to new conditions that are either our own creation or have been triggered by external factors and events. Sagittarius is a sign that requires us to conceptualise, philosophise and find meaning, in other words make sense of what we will take with us in the new season ahead (Capricorn). We will be saying farewell to a period of expectation and development of a shift in direction and moving into a period  where things are tested for their viability within more organized frameworks and rules. The ruler of New Moon, Jupiter in the last degree of Sagittarius latest states that intentions are becoming critical and fuelled with urgency for completion or closure. Since November 2018, Jupiter in Sagittarius has enabled opportunities for growth and/or improvement in some area of ​​our lives, and as a significator for knowledge, beliefs legal issues, justice, truth, teaching, hospitality, travel, publishing, spirituality, ethics, philosophy, higher education, religion, church may have brought certain of these aspects to our collective or personal awareness. Jupiter in the last degree of the sign will probably bring closure with a sense of urgency but it also speaks of something that was being prepared and is now going to ‘bloom’, with more visibility or assume a more formal and public presence (29 Sagittarius – 00 Capricorn). The Luminaries are in conjunction with the asteroid Pallas Athena so wisdom, creative intelligence, the need to become strategic, or to recognise concepts and patterns and motifs and integrate them into a larger picture blends with the intentions we are going to set forth. Athena’s wisdom and strategic gifts  -who was born out of Zeus’s head- in her meeting with the Sun and the Moon support decisions, talents, and intuition. It also highlights the wisdom we seek, project or receive in our contacts with the others. The separating waning quincunx aspect of the Luminaries with Uranus in Taurus, indicates that we enter this cycle under the influence of perhaps sudden or unforeseen disruptions, detachment and changes in our lives, habits and daily lives that either have been imposed upon us or put an emphasis on the need to adapt and accept new circumstances. This configuration brought closure aligned for the purpose of awakening and need to make progress. The potential discovery of new talents, as well as the need to get out of our comfort zone, renew an area of life is prominent as new intentions and decisions promote and require a shift in direction. (Check the house that Uranus is transiting in your natal chart to get clues about which area of ​​life these changes have been imposed or triggered and any planets or points at 03-04 degrees Taurus).


Venus’s conjunction with Jupiter occurred a day before this cycle begins and indicates that we have already entered a new period of assessing relationships, love, values ​​(material and spiritual), the notion of abundance and generosity, as well  as creations we wish to support. Venus is at 00 degrees Capricorn in the New Moon chart, where Jupiter will ingress on December 2, and this heralds the beginning of a new chapter to do with our social life, personal or professional unions,  and contacts that will be expressed in a more committed or official manner, and/or assume more public visibility. This position favours public relations, and as Venus is out of bounds it couples all of its significations with innovation, unconventionality, or meeting people outside the normal social or conventional contexts of our lives. It may also point at capitalising on affiliations and acquaintances in different ways. If there is something you would like to publicize or present more widely this is a good time to do it. 00 degrees of cardinal signs indicate significant beginnings. Sagittarius’ mutability speaks of a shift in orientation that will begin to take shape as Jupiter enters Capricorn (December 2). The knowledge and experience of a wider 20-year cycle of growth in our lives which is now in its Balsamic phase, have gradually become the impetus for the process of shaping  a new forward looking direction that will essentially begin in December 2020 with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius (reform). From Spring 2020 we will begin to have the first clues as past structures are being reorganised. The knowledge, experiences, understanding, and new interests or ventures we have developing on since the beginning of the transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius (November 2018-December 2019), and the limitations or work that the transit of Saturn in Sagittarius (December 2014-December 2017) brought to the surface, this lunar month will set the seeds for their evolution. Venus makes an appplying waning square with Chiron in Aries and an applying waning trine with Uranus in Taurus. It seems that healing certain aspects of our self worth, sensual selves and relationships is assisted through doing different things, innovation in creative endeavours, more freedom, and an awareness of creating new sources of income. We can build bridges, transcend, but also become aware of vulnerabilities and past wounds that manifest in relationships. Chiron also signifies soul mate relationships, which revolve around the theme of pain and healing.  The trine with Uranus makes it easier to express affections in different ways or to stimulate affections, even detach from them if needed. It can assist in finding ways to  stimulate life’s pleasure zone in our working environment or through the senses.  Relationships, and alliances that have been stagnant, will justify reason for more independence which will either lead to renewal or detachment. Venus will proceed to make a sextile with Mars as it conjuncts the South Node of the Moon, in December 2, activating bonds of the past and creative passion with mutual benefits. Collective activities will provide fertile ground and strengthen our evolution.

This is the last lunar cycle in Sagittarius with the ruler of the sign in its domicile for another 12 years. Faith and risk and how we express them through decisions, intentions and instinctual responses is critical and of particular importance to our lives. It may feel as if this is our last chance to bet on something, and take a chance.

The influence of asteroids in connection with planets is particularly prominent in the chart of the New Moon, so they should be noted briefly for further clues: Pallas Athena in conjunction with the Luminaries (wisdom – independence – strategy accompanies decisions and intuition), Venus conjunct Ceres in Capricorn in trine with Uranus (devotion – harvest – provider-caretaking – custody,  aligns with unions with innovation and reform), Juno in Libra in Square with the Lunar Nodes (independence from relationships that do not allow us to express our feelings, or dilemmas of equality in relationships, search for partners, relationships and groups that embody the artistic dimension or the disposition of harmony and beauty.), Mercury in Scorpio in opposition to Vesta in Taurus  in trine and sextile with Neptune in Pisces, and Saturn in Capricorn in trine with Vesta Taurus (negotiations, communication, ideas and planning that attempt to focus, imagine, and deliver an end result). Mercury in Scorpio in trine with Neptune as it stations direct, is harmonizing communication, ideas and reason in a probing manner with imagination, romance, expectations, spirituality, and intuition, while it may also help us resolve misunderstandings, forgive, or learn more about our dreams, our inspirations and our capacity to synthesise information.

The chart of the New Moon lacks the element of Air, while Mars in Scorpio leads the Bowl pattern. This sets us up for a lunar month, where action, desires, initiatives and the need to clear the way through perseverance and persistence become important. We may need to take a firm stance or put a mark in an area of life, while we prepare to shift direction. Give yourself sometime to ‘breath’ and create pauses for a better appreciation of situations or sense of well being.

The manifestation of Neptune issues, as it stations directs at 15 degrees and 55′ will be prominent:  Neptune’s station direct may be paralleled to the washing away of the sea-shore as the wave pulls back and we become aware of the true surface beneath with the pebbles, shells, sand and all else that it contains. During this phenomenon, the weaker particles, are carried away into the sea by the water and disappear from sight. The theme of revelations is particularly important in the next few days, so we need to pay attention. Neptune brings us in touch with higher frequencies of consciousness and psychic powers whose role is to merge, to transcend the tangible into the imaginary, deals with the unconscious and the spiritual, and makes connections between worlds. In this way it allows us to compose, escape, become enchanted, dream. So, in this lunar cycle Neptune’s  station we will  distinguish our imaginings, our expectations, the vibrations that we had been attuned with, our dreams and hopes from what was meant to dissolve. As with any work of art that we initially envision, when it is ultimately materialising it is the energy of the most powerful elements that remains.

It is our perception of things that creates distortions and illusions during these conditions because we are always self-referencing our own reality and past history, and these are not always objective. That is why Neptune is often referred to as a ‘delusion’ that can create tricky mind-games through impressions that instead of synthesizing and resonating with transcendental realms as a tool of another conception of reality, they create falsehoods, disappointments, futile sacrifice and victimization patterns, which act as escapist ‘substitutes’ for a reality that is dysfunctional in some way. Neptune will only seduce you into delusions, deceit and lack of boundaries when you are searching blind folded for saviours and escape routes because you are in a spiritual and mental impasse. His role is always to regulate your faith, your expectations and your ideals and to remind you that you can transcend.

Neptune is the energy that coordinates us with intuition, imagination, art, images, music, ideal love (the higher octave of Venus), being in Pisces, which is its natural realm, but also under Jupiter’s rulership, and Venus’s exaltation, elevates romance and art but can also connect us with the most elevated  dimension of spiritual values and psychic connections that can touch either those who need it or assist in broadening our perspective.

Neptune in 2019 demonstrated how we can connect elements between different worlds. It made a waning sextile with with Saturn (January-June-November 2019), and a waning square with Jupiter (January-June-September 2019); two aspects that can have both positive and negative scenarios depending on our viewpoint. The sextile may have shown us that it is easy to connect fear with lies, to be engage with tasks and commitments by making  sacrifices, to have opportunities to overcome obstacles and to find help and solutions to problems, or to merge something real into something artificial. It gave opportunities to be more inspired by our work, to witness others limiting our expectations, to find ground for spiritual or artistic activities in a professional setting, or opportunities to build and implement a dream, to structure a more spiritual connection with our work and our spiritual self. Also to have a more realistic relationship with our expectations.

The square with Jupiter on the other hand, has asked us to work on past ideals and perceptions, as well as the lack of boundaries in general on the way we live, wastefulness or excess which may have led us to disappointments or gave perspective and consciousness to our moral values and ethos, justice and belief systems, both in personal and collective realms. It may have widen or distorted our capacity to gain knowledge and perceive things on a spiritual level, to become aware of higher concepts and truths, to think about what we expect or sacrifice, where we may have lost our capacity to rationalise. It may be worth looking back at the dates when Neptune was at the same degree it stations at this time, in order to gain more clarity on what eventually ‘stays’ – is revealed – and what dissolves from expectations and dreams that were activated then: early August 2018 (retrograde), early March 2019 direct.

The energy of Neptune station will equip everything that begins with the New Moon in Sagittarius with: inspiration, idealism, imagination, romance, glamour, creativity, intuition, synthetic ability, as well as expression of emotions. We need to pay attention to: health issues, losses, scams, escape tendencies, everything related to water (floods, sea, rain, boats, navy), addictions, drugs, epidemics, immune system, therapies, scandals. What we create and feel now has power, what we lose or leave behind becomes a highly valued part of our psyche and a divine memory that has triggered our sensibilities, our empathic and spiritual self.

(If you are familiar with your natal chart, the house where the 4th degree of Sagittarius resides is the area of ​​life where you will set new intentions this lunar month based on the above themes.)


The New Moon has a more personal feel for you:

If you are a Sagittarius Sun born November 25-29, a Gemini Sun born May 23-27, a Virgo Sun born August 26-30, a Pisces Sun born February 21-25. Also, if you have personal planets or points at 04 degrees (+/- 2) of the mutable signs, 28-29 degrees of the mutable signs and the 00-02 degrees of cardinal signs, 02-04 degrees of fixed signs, and 15-17 degrees of the mutable signs.  

 © Eleni Kostika 2019

Photo by Kasya Shahovskaya on Unsplash

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