Total Solar Eclipse at 23 Sagittarius 08′

Monday, December 14, 2020

The chaos and sensibility in our li(v)es… The truths we think we possess should not become limiting in seeking more answers.

The general picture: Seeking answers may be more confusing than we think, our beliefs and trust are tested at this time, patience maybe lacking, we may feel mentally exhausted, confusing information may disorient, we may make small things seem more important than they are, while everything may reach a pressing urgency to reach some kind of conclusion. The energy is shifting…

During a Total Solar Eclipse the Solar light is blocked by the Moon. During a New Moon, the Moon is invisible while on a Solar Eclipse we see the Moon’s shadow (invisible side) on the Sun’s disc. The normal flow of light and life is interrupted, and new information is revealed. This is energy which is pushing us into a new direction rapidly, and in the sign of Sagittarius it points to a shift in our perspective, we may find ourselves in need for guidance and direction, that pertains to truths, vision, trust, sense of optimism and our beliefs of the past. Something will change, affecting all the above and we are called to turn to our inner vision, our ethics and moral codes too, as we gradually shift direction. How much we trust ourselves, and our own judgement, and how these are affected from external influences is something we should be mindful of.

As we move towards the Solstice point, and the Great Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction,  it is important to acquire meaning of what has passed. We will start creating a new story in respect to our social and collective ideals, values and the way we engage with the world that will unfold in the next 20 years. There is a big shift in our perspective and understanding coming along, with sudden change as this eclipse precedes the closure of a 20 year cycle, and a 200 year cycle on Earth signs. Jupiter makes a shift into Aquarius  a little prior to this conjunction on the 19th of December, indicating that we will be able to make more sense out of previous experiences, gain more knowledge and through the restrictions we experience. How do we compensatefor the lack of Air (breathing space)? The restricted condition Jupiter finds itself in at 28 Capricorn, besieged by Pluto and Saturn, feels like our sense of freedom is between a rock and a hard place. There doesn’t seem to be much room for optimism in this picture, neither material nor spiritual. Rather an atmosphere of seriousness that seeks results, commitment and closure, is engaging with fear of consequences, lack of tolerance and a sense that time is running out. This picture calls for patience, grounding, planning,  and looking after our inner state of being.  Sagittarius the sign of this eclipse is an armed sign, so it needs to aim somewhere, even the truths we think we possess should not become limiting in seeking more answers. A sense of aim is pertinent, it may all feel like aimless wandering until a purpose or a truth is found. Time to turn into our inner moral compass and truth, and trust that definitive conclusions will come later. We can expect new information overthrowing past certainties to come to light quite soon.  The material has to be aligned with spiritual purpose, and serve some kind of betterment, healing.  Good time for healing and purging things and situation that have been toxic. To become creative in any way we can, doing things that inspire, to resist and defend our personal space, finding meaning within, and nurturing self and our loved ones anyway we can.

The atmosphere may seem nebulous, yet intuition and sensitivity of a higher vibration is also quite strong affecting our sense of bonding with one another, as well as our evolution path. Mercury and Neptune in square aspect involved with the Nodes of the Moon, feature strongly in this Eclipse which acts like a healing portal. These two energies engage with and bring people together with the assistance  of Mars (fighting and defending spirit), or point to things of the past,  in an attempt to establish a way forward. Mercury and Neptune push each other out of their comfort zone in order to achieve growth in relation to rationalising ideals, checking orientation motivated by a tighter, consequential or more grounded perspective.  Leadership spirit may feel shaky, uncertain and inconsistent at this time. How do we process our idealism and expectations, the faith in our ideas, on information exchanged, the way we communicate, and the lack of boundaries or consistency around us? Or is it the way we think about things that needs to develop a stronger sense of faith and compassion of a higher frequency, and get a grip on excessive patterns of mental functioning that may interfere with truths  and permeate our rational thinking or establishing the sense of direction we all seek?

Solar Eclipses are powerful New Moons that either bring an ending or a new beginning and accelerate events, as well as have long term implications. It is always good advice not to rush into action or decision making, but rather wait until things have settled if the Eclipse affects you on an individual level. 

The 23rd degree of Sagittarius is on fixed star Ras Alhague, a star that is associated with healing. So, the theme of this eclipse has to do with healing and all its aspects. The idea of healing is broader, it does include healing of living things (our bodies) but also our spirit, ‘’living ideals’’ or beliefs1.  Healing aspects of our lives that seem to experience dis-ease. This is not only to do with illness, or this global pandemic, but everything that has lost track of meaning, and sense of direction.

On a personal level check the house the eclipse falls in your natal chart and your natal Jupiter, as well as the house it rules in your natal chart. There are things that you will be dealing with in the relevant realms of life, that may disrupt your comfort zone, and you will be needing to heal or release in the next months. Every eclipse trigger has to do with something of the past. Think of it as a clearing of old ‘clutter’, mindset or ways of supporting things. This may include some difficult choices or dilemmas, or the need to use past experience, utilise faith or other’s assistance and become less fearful to develop curiosity and communicate more freely with others without fear of being judged on the premise there is a valuable purpose to this interaction. Attachment to old dogmas or beliefs will not get us very far at this time.

This is a time of  becoming aware of weaknesses and impurities inside or around us, how we victimise or become victims in our world and through others. Our judgemental attitudes and levels of empathy on the human condition. We are imperfect human beings, that seek truths, knowledge, hope and direction and there is always potential to lose track. It is when one feels restricted and limited that the imagination and idealism is functioning at its highest. (Neptune in Pisces). That can either be extremely creative and exhilarating in experiencing things and connections with a higher intuitive sensibility or terribly disorienting, deceitful and delusional with a broad spectrum of manifestations.

Reconciling with this fact we will proceed to learn more, and ask the right questions in our way forward. How do we formulate opinions, where do we stand in relation to the common consensus, how the common consensus is affected by information, which is the right source of information, and how sensitive we become to these phenomena as they permeate our daily lives and habitual comfort zones, are issues we are called on to evolve. We are at a crossroad in our collective consciousness, yet we must recognise the value of this position to gain perspective on our shifting ideals and notion of faith. From the point of maximum distance from one another we must value faith, and also exercise intuitive faculties, along with our sense of integrity, and processing information. Reliance on others works at a level of assistance, spirituality, discussing ideals, empathy, or clearing space for differences to co-exist through creative avenues. It will not work yet on establishing security. Our optimism and confidence may feel undermined by external events, mismanagement, injustice and inconsistencies in the workings of the world.

This eclipse highlights issues we were avoiding or neglected that will surface either collectively or personally (Neptune squaring Sun, Moon, Mercury and the Nodal Axis), with unusual twists of fate, bringing awakenings, awareness and seeking resolution. Uranus activates the Sun/Moon midpoint, and Jupiter ruler of the eclipse, activates the Mars/Uranus midpoint. These midpoints also point in finding new ways of doing things, reforms, inventions, surprising actions, call for more tolerance for different viewpoints, manifestation of rebellious attitudes, accidents due to blocked energy, inventive pioneering creativity, and/or introducing more technology in our lives. Also, sudden intuitions, and connections that can be quite exciting. The message of this eclipse is that we are not ready to conclude yet, as we are in a transition from a previous chapter to a new one. As Mercury is conjunct the New Moon, Out of Bounds and combust, in the sign of its detriment, he becomes the herald of unconventionality, highlights erratic patterns of making contacts, process information, and communication, and/or acts like a ‘pirate’ or spy, dealing with hidden things and information, or just simply engages in some creative activities in our daily lives (without being seen). 

Depending on the context this condition of Mercury can have a positive manifestation which may indicate that information that was false will be revealed, and thus will eventually protect or it can have  a blurring effect on rational thinking, manifesting as deceit, information leaks, delusions, and inability to  reach agreement,  well informed decision making and planning, with potential for misinterpretations, misconceptions, and misunderstandings of all sorts, especially in cases where this decision making and planning was done in haste, or jumps into conclusions too quickly (Mercury trine Mars). Collectively, we may see the opportunistic or excessive side of trading of all sorts.

Sagittarius says keep seeking, ask for guidance and if possible refrain from making definitive conclusions until you have gathered information that has meaning. Mercury is at a place where it cannot express itself very well but it can perhaps perform better in unconventional contexts or fields, and through passionate and pioneering modes of action (Mercury trine Mars). With Neptune in a waning square aspect, we should be mindful of the tendency to be absent minded, neglect facts, adopt what we see or read around us and pass it on indiscriminately, nervous exhaustion, inconclusiveness, escapism, too much worrying, disappointment  or addictive tendencies in our thinking, communicating and processing information.

On another level it points to assisting others, can be productive or fulfilling in engaging with abstract concepts and experimental concepts and theories, or in utilising our imagination, for creative and spiritual pursuits. Our judgement maybe clouded or too narrow minded, and the only way to clear the path ahead is to proceed in small steps and a pace that is seeking to clear any obstacles through courage, and keeping a distance from anything that we feel is not clarified or generates doubts on its legitimacy. We can lift our spirits through things and ideas that we are passionate about, invest our energy in learning about specialised subjects, not rush into conclusions about others’ motives, develop a sense of understanding about others’ weakness, assist and motivate one another when we can, and refrain from aimless communication and mental noise or toxicity. Trust that anything that disrupts our normal flow of life, will gradually reveal the path forward.

The South Node places an emphasis on the past, also on the things we do without thinking and wasting energy, and the Out of Bounds condition of Mercury and Moon speak about the need check up on how we respond to things, become aware, or visit the past in unconventional ways. A very busy period ahead full with new information that will affect our daily lives, characterised by changeability and flexibility is to be expected.

Chiron is stationing direct and unaspected, thus emphasised in this Eclipse. Another validation of the healing we must focus on. Chiron is exposing wounding of vital space on an existential level, acts as maverick and a bridge between worlds. On a personal level, it may manifest as being oversensitive, having issues with setting boundaries, a tendency to alienate oneself from one’s feelings from a fear of being rejected. The Chirotic journey in Aries points specifically to courage, healing one’s sense of autonomy and independence, and on another level exposes vulnerabilities and makes us a bit more sensitive and touchy on a core level, about our assertiveness and impulsive re-actions, as we may get wounded or be misunderstood when we exercise those principles. More voices will be heard re-actively on what does not work and needs to heal. This is bringing wisdom with opportunities as 2021 will unfold. Until then Chiron’s station will begin to externalise more of the wounding that was processed in it’s retrograde period, the healers and therapists of this world are going to be heard more, and thus as an archetype begin to expose or give reason to pursue avenues for healing. The point with Chiron in Aries, is not to indulge in hurting each other or re-acting to each other on trivialities of what they got wrong due to lack of patience, especially if there is a vast distance between us on a spiritual level, but to utilise this inherent gift of instinctual understanding of what is ‘damaged’ for many (a cause or practice) and in such a way address our own pain and healing.

Mars is applying to a square with Pluto and conflicts over  co-dependency and resources may arise, fatal passions and the manifestation of deeply rooted desire for more truth through some crisis, a momentum with a sense of direction to what one needs to purge and regenerate on a very deep level, a sense of empowerment through one’s own pioneering or innovative actions, and activation of ambitions. There also seems a capacity for gain through tremendous effort. Control over autonomy and independence will generate anger and violent actions.  Venus is in the last degrees of Scoprio conjunct Juno in sextile to Jupiter and Saturn. Some opportunity for closure in relationships, agreements, legal and financial matters with a sense of urgency.

This eclipse theme will mainly focus on healing, affecting relationships, legal matters, finances, the economy, and our beliefs.

It is interesting to note that Jupiter ‘the great revealer and explorer’ ruler of this Eclipse transited this degree on November 2019 (very near the time that the first case of Covid-19 was announced in China). Perhaps more information will revealed about the origin of this virus. We tend to forget this aspect of Jupiter (mythological Zeus) as a generative force or cause. As the eclipse degree will be triggered again by Jupiter conjoining Neptune  in 2022 by square from the sign of Pisces we get a feel that this particular eclipse effects will have a longer and larger impact, and will continue to shift our perspective, understanding, mindset and overview, on life and current events as time goes on.

This is a very potent time that we need to be present and also mindful of our mindset, awareness, and how knowledge and experience gained is shared and can contribute or affect social cohesiveness and the way we relate to one another.

The current eclipse belongs to Saros 142. Eclipse Saros cycles repeat every 18 years and 11 days, or an eclipse on the same degree repeats every 19 years based on the Metonic cycle. If the eclipse is associated with personal planets or points, mainly with the Sun, Moon or angular house cusps at 23 degrees (+/- 1) of mutable signs, you can refer back to the years 2002, 1984, 1966  to unlock possible evolutionary messages that concern you in relation to issues that are currently occurring and trace some connection with what was happening at that time. We can also expect events of these past years in our current history to evolve at this time.

On an individual level to study an eclipse in relation to a birth chart, other factors, such as transits progressions, solar arcs, should be taken into account in order to conclude on potential issues or events that the individual will be concerned with.

The eclipse is visible in South America:

This New Moon/Solar Eclipse has a more personal feel for you:

If you are a Sagittarius Sun born December 12-17, a Gemini Sun born June 11 -16, a Virgo Sun born, September 13-18, a Pisces Sun born March 11- 16, or if you have personal planets and points between 18-25 degrees of mutable signs. You may also be influenced if you have planets or points at 6 degrees of Carpicorn (antiscion point of eclipse degree), 20-23 degrees of Cardinal signs, 28-29 degrees of cardinal signs, and 7 degrees of fixed signs.

© Eleni Kostika 2020


  1. Β. Brady, Brady’s book of Fixed Stars, Weiser,1998, York Beach, Maine, p. 161-162

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