New Moon at 23 Pisces 03′

Saturday, March 13th, 2021 – 12:19 EET

Love Faith Imagination Creativity  Redemption Healing – Spring is coming

Finding meaning, wisdom and wealth in  soulful connections. Foresight, the trust in sharing, what will come to pass, how we overcome past adversities, and experience empowerment and growth (Sun/Moon=Saturn/Uranus=Jupiter/Pluto Venus conjunct Neptune, Sun-Moon sextile Pluto)

A magical loving and creative fusion.

The benefits of closure and a new chapter emerging – Synchronicities -Transcendence – Inspiration – Intuition.

Every pain and wound is the source for healing – The need to understand and value a process of dissolution or merging, as a means of strengthening future seeds of potential, and driving force for progress.

Moon meets the Sun, as Venus meets Neptune in the sign of Venus exaltation  – Less ego more love. Surrendering is not always an act of submission, rather an act of inner integrity, respect or wisdom that promotes the common good. Trust that a state of confusion always precedes a phase of clarity and manifestation.

Do not become what others want just to be loved or saved. Share with those who truly, deeply understand and respect you. Respect those who you do not understand. Tune into your dreams. Something of the past is released and paves the way for the future.

We take a moment to reflect and meditate on what is lost and what is gained, while we proceed forward. There is duality in all actions with Mars in Gemini, and as the planet will be Out of Bounds shortly it is time to do things differently, invest our energy in out of the box ways, promote desires and goals through alternate routes in order to stabilise things or activate commitments, show that we are curiously determined  or willing to bring results (Mars trine Saturn).

Our collective sense of aliveness depends on raising our consciousness to the value of interconnectedness, ideals and love, yet also the delusion of blaming and generating indignation through projection. What we don’t like in the world, our world, is our own reflection. Time to have faith, and not succumb to self-sabotage through critical attitudes and further division through our experience of physical separateness. Commit creatively to what is of essence. There is a good mix of intuition and logic that can work wonders. We can care and provide for the healing needed or through seeking alternate routes with courage (Mars sextile Ceres conjunct Chiron in Aries) and the spirit of creation.

This New moon cycle may give us a preview of the  new twelve year Jupiter-Neptune cycle that begins in 2022 at 23 degrees Pisces, so we must pay attention. A cycle that speaks of the expansion of collective and spiritual ideals and the exploration of large concepts, and plans in science and the arts. (Check which house this degree falls in your natal chart, the house that contains the 23 degree of Pisces is where you will start a new twelve year cycle and expand your consciousness tremendously in that particular realm of life).

Happy magical, loving, uniting and creative New Moon to all!

This New Moon cycle may feel more personal to you:

If you have planets or points at 19-25 mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini), 5 Gemini, 7 Aries.

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

© Eleni Kostika 2021

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