New Moon at 23 Pisces 03′


Saturday, March 13th, 2021 – 12:19 EET

Love Faith Imagination Creativity  Redemption Healing – Spring is coming

Finding meaning, wisdom and wealth in  soulful connections. Foresight, the trust in sharing, what will come to pass, how we overcome past adversities, and experience empowerment and growth (Sun/Moon=Saturn/Uranus=Jupiter/Pluto Venus conjunct Neptune, Sun-Moon sextile Pluto)

A magical loving and creative fusion.

The benefits of closure and a new chapter emerging – Synchronicities -Transcendence – Inspiration – Intuition.

Every pain and wound is the source for healing – The need to understand and value a process of dissolution or merging, as a means of strengthening future seeds of potential, and driving force for progress. Continue reading