Full Moon at 27 degrees Libra 45′ and some notes on the global overview

Saturday, April 16th 2022, 21:54 EEDT

‘Don’t feel like too much talking’ Full Moon, except for what we think is of value to us. Peace of mind can provide inspiration, creativity and new ideas. We need peace, harmony and balance. It may be hard to find, but there seems to be some inspiration coming from somewhere…

A full moon that is about radical change, change of attitude towards relationship patterns, or how we personally or professionally relate to the world. Relationships can either become agents of profound change or crisis at this time, the relationhsip to ourselves may undergo tremendous change and gain great consciousess, through either crisis, conflict, a meeting with another, or a field of interest. Everything seems to require effort, and any change requires some distancing.

The current lunar cycle which started at 11 Aries in conjunction with Chiron-transcendance/repair/healing (1/4/22) is powerful and impactful as it is carrying with it two new planetary cycles – the 12 year Jupiter Neptune cycle in Pisces, and the 2 year Mars Saturn cycle in Aquarius, so it is very much about endings as well as beginings with impact, in the realm of social ideals, collective impressions, and dreams, and the realm of enforcement of rules, limitations, disciplined action, integrity, endurance which began in March of 2020 in Aquarius. As literal as it can represent military operations this Mars-Saturn conjunction also becomes a metaphor for the ‘militant’ nature we operate socially and judge others or express opinions, the tendency or need to take sides and the expectation of integrity. But also how through this process of separative and action oriented binding energy we can fertilise the ground of group activities and formations for future aspirations (Aquarius). Mars can be violence, and survival instinct, but also passion, re-enforcing and triggering Saturn gives endurance in overcoming obstacles and discarding or testing modes of forming friendships/commitments (Aquarius), that bring or promote progress accompanied by a sense or need for stability, the need to be present and use time effectively. In march 2020 when this cycle began, we saw new rules being implemented due to the pandemic, and the effects they had on social conditioning, distancing and thus inclusion and exclusion mechanisms in social engagement, scarcity of money and delays for those fields especially who rely on social interaction for work, division as a consequence of expressing opinions, taking sides, interaction and also group energy, which Pluto will start transforming in 2023-2024. This is also the cycle of hard work or procrastination, because Saturn delays results and requires security. Investment of energy will pay off in due time, and one needs to avoid procrastinating and being paralysed with fears, or inhibitions. The new Mars-Saturn cycle, sees the aspect of violence manifesting with the war in Ukraine, but will also see during its 2 year course Saturn moving into Pisces in 2023 so we may expect the social distancing and limitations we experienced in the first cycle, to ease out gradually on that level, and give some first glimpses of what was initiated on a societal level and our own personal activities and connections to find some opportunity for growth, or at least give a clearer perspectve on options. We have already seen a little more ease regarding rules and restrictions since Jupiter entered Pisces first in May 2021 and then back in December 2021 in relation to the pandemic, and the nature of the variants. However, we have experienced the inflation, and unrest in the economy (Saturn square Uranus), the war in Ukraine, as well as violence and toxic situations surfacing (Pluto in final degrees of Capricorn and South Node in Scorpio). Instability is always a cause of building new things, being creative and making changes, and this will become more apparent as Mars will conjunct Uranus and the North Node near the end of July beginning of August. The first slow planet to cross the Nodal axis since December 2019. This is a breakthrough point!

2023 will be the first glimplse of where these events are leading up to, as well as which environment may assist our visions and beliefs. As the Jupiter and Saturn cycle will enter their crescent phase (a sextile aspect). A first step of a 20-year long maturation process, that has to do with the economy, as well as socio-political conditions. Thus, applied for relationships, collaborations, professional activities or personal goals. We are still in the ‘dark’, and this is why we need to do different things, start new things, experiment as far as external conditions are concerned, promote goup energy, and not focus exclusively on one thing, while reconciling with the fact that we do our best under the circumstances. Getting an idea of how to more effectively expand with goals, activities and relationships that is within our control, is always the opening of the crescent phase of any planetary cycle up to Saturn (Jupiter – Saturn, June 2023). The outer planets are expressions of collective changes and how we respond to those, but are beyond our control.

So now going back to the chart of this Full Moon which will be active for the next two weeks:

We need to make peace with our shadows and fears, while we become decisive, and act in a way that opens up possibilities, while serving the larger picture. More is accomplished with less words, expressing feeling and intuition. Where do we find value and beauty, who provides it? What sustains faith, and can provide inspiration as well as promise growth either spiritual or material? How do we value our own creations? Mysteries and subtleties trigger sensibilities which can be creative. A chapter is reaching a climax (final degrees of cardinal signs, a T- square), a lot is unearthed, many things are out of our control, but we still need to act motivated by our beliefs, intuition, and inspiration furthering goals. We need to share experiences with others, and be aware of unhealthy competition. Winning or losing does not matter, if it doesn’t serve a higher purpose, a larger picture, an ideal, a dream, a need to explore and gain experience, something that can emerge from values, and creations that we believe in.

Who is the third party in any conflict, in any circumstance, in any relationship, personal or other? Is the third party a person, our mother, debt, our boss, anyone or anything who we have learnt to adhere to as an authority and has become controling instead of assisting, our inner sense of authority, our need to help something or someone that is suffocating and opressing them instead of allowing them to find their own time and pace, a fear of deep radical change, a sense of insecurity we may lose something we worked for, a fear of losing status, money, an obsession, what other people say, social standing? Pluto is at the apex of a T-square, we need to work on what is behind the surface, what is our deepest need and drive, see if our realtionships fulfill this, and not succumb to pressures of external expectations, social myths to make commitments we don’t really believe in. Any relationship or collaboration, and any situation or conflict that requires a compromise, a balancing act, needs to examine what is the factor that blocks progress and then either transform it, or eliminate it – make structural changes. The process for this is internal. Then it can expand and grow its indfluence as Jupiter will sextile Pluto in the beginning of May. Mars and Venus in Pisces, can promote a more subtle and creative approach in being effective, and resolve any conflicts and tensions which have been going on and originate in the past. Saturn squaring the Nodes indicates slow growth, and effort, also distance that may have been uncomfortable but can offer perspective. Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus sextile Venus, indicates sudden opportunities or innovative ideas and contacts that we can develop if we couple intuition we values and a creative approach, and connect based on faith that may promote future fertility. Mercury in Taurus is about ideas, communications, negotiations and contacts, taking form, and has a lovely magical feel easing things in sextile to Venus in Pisces, with a surprising quality (Uranus). It can spark up love life, creativity and collaborations.

As prices are rising as well as inflation, and there is instability on a material and political level that we can expect to last, we need to take risks, experiment, make changes (Uranus) in the area of Taurus North Node (values, creations, money, skills) as long as we are aware of what we are trying to move away from, and release from Scorpio. Is co-dependency healthy or toxic, how can we transform something in the area of Scoprio and gain more value in the area of Taurus? We need to watch: lack of boundaries, indulgence in resting assured and counting on ephemeral assistance for future goals. Instead make use of ephemeral assistance while it is there, as a helping hand to expand something we believe or are interested in. Watch exreme speculative ventures and people who ovepromise. If we overpomise can we deliver? Promote group energy, empathy, and personal values with a cause. Connect and seek allies and relationships with people who can help us grow and explore new territories creatively, financially and personally. Small and subtle gestures can go a long way in anyone or anything we wish to attract.

A period of extreme global and local events since December (all planets at one side of the Nodal axis), is reaching a closure phase at the end of April, and introduces accelerated change and reforms as we will enter the first eclipse season of the year beginning with the Solar Eclipse at 10 Taurus.

Many wishes for a fertile and creative full moon!

© Eleni Kostika 2022

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