Total Eclipse of the Moon at 16 Taurus 00′

November 8th, 2022.

Key Themes:

Change of habits, emotional and social patterns. Awakenings, unrest, reform, experimentation, revelations, awareness of our limitations, stability tests, our power to resist, capacity to be consistent, need to set the right boundaries, show respect, issues around attachment and detachment. Dealing with pressures, setbacks or delays force us to review our goals and energy investment. Reinforcing a structure we can sustain, or a structure that others can follow. Improving our skills and talents, problem solving capacity, finding our own voice. Practice ways to quiet the mind, preserve energy and exercise discipline and self control are important and are going to promote new beginnings or intentions from January 15th, 2023 onwards. Themes of the past may re-surface.

A period for research, exploring new avenues of self expression, engage with healing practices, corrective actions, and empowering self and others. Realising and releasing what is unnecessary or unhealthy. Unexpected connections, information, communciations, ideas, and important causes, throw us back into a time capsule. Something we did not expect may be very soothing or good for us. Out of a difficult experience we may become aware of our limitations, but also create something stronger and be inspired with others, attune to our levels of faith and gratitude, and awaken latent talents. We may re-activate a dream or a return to a cause. Clarifying misunderstandings about intentions, re-adjusting and refining goals, and preserve a realistic approach towards desires and plans is the best course of actions. Deepening relationhips, creative skills and projects, money management, prioritisation of duties and sharing feelings requires patience, maturity, respect, honesty, sensitivity, healthy ego and good communcation skills. We are becoming more aware about the way we use energy and resources that are available to us, and how the power of thought can affect our actions or reactions, how speech, expressing opinions, can either contribute, distract or confuse. Brainstorming can be beneficial, multitasking can be productive as long as it is realistic and it is not overestimating one’s capacity for delivering. Too much to do or stress and anxiety can lead to exhaustion and lack of clarity. It is best to refrain from entering disputes, or starting battles, overpromising and impulsive reactions to situations and challenges, or changing our ethics or moral compass to please others. We benefit from reflecting on new directions, goals and important new beginings until mid January.This is a period of experimentation, and becoming aware of what needs changing, not necessarily conclusive in respect to personal decision making. Keeping and preserving a healthy balance between mind and body connection is important, and to achieve this we may need to eliminate or exclude certain things or habits from our daily routine, fields of interaction and operation and seek ways to escape that can lift our spirits, soothe the senses or release blocked feelings.

Despite external pressures, our creative talents, and sense of self worth may be enlightened, or find some new path of expression through unions or a cause that may have benefits, or assist others. Words, beauty, aesthetics, thoughts, love, sharing and creativity have the power to heal and this does not have to necessarily be loud with Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in water signs. We don’t have to be anything we don’t want to be. The company we keep, as well as what we do when alone says a lot about who we are and our worth or sense of self-worth. How we connect with others and the world through our own skills, values, sense of freedom and unique identity is a matter to explore, a matter to become aware of and seek to redefine.

The current eclipse season collectively affects with change and reforms, global politics, the mass media, social platforms and the internet, electricity, the economy, trade and transactions, issues about ownership and posessions, working conditions and food prices, anything that comes from or has to do with the earth, and the way we value things. To unlock meanings of the current eclipse season (Solar Eclipse Oct. 25 Saros 124, Lunar Eclipse Nov. 8, Saros 136) on a personal or collective level you can trace back the years of 2004, 1986, and 1968. The eclipse themes will be re-activated and manifest developments from middle till end of January 2023.

(Mercury in Scorpio leads the chart – Locomotive, Fixed T-square apex Saturn in Aquarius, Saturn – Uranus square, Mars Rx in Gemini square Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces, quincunx Pluto in Capricorn, trine Saturn in Aquarius, Lack of Fire – Chiron in Aries, Jupiter Rx at 29 Pisces, Mercury and Mars in mutual reception, Mars out of Bounds, Mercury, Sun, Venus, trine Jupiter and Neptune).

© Eleni Kostika 2022

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