Full Moon at 16 degrees Cancer 16’

January 7th, 2023

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The path finder. Searching for the ‘missing piece’ – we realise there is something else we need to be doing.

What is the gesture and response that ensures that the seed of creation of life can continue to grow? What moves us, and how do we protect the essentials? There is this moment or strange synchronicity that will intuitively connect us with a ‘missing piece’, and liberate creative potentials, that will promote a new perspective, mission or direction.

How do we respond to the manifest world and it’s demands? Re-examining our sense of authority and life choices. Making a difference. A heightened intuition on how to make a positive gesture through a negative situation. We may all be exposed to some kind brokenness or sensitive situation in our immediate environment, in our engagement with social issues, our public or social life or through the current  world affairs in one way or another. We start to recognise patterns, habits and become more conscious of the need to repair this or gain wisdom that can assist or unblock others and ourselves. Instinctual forces that carry wisdom and relate to problem solving are at play.

Cardinal Water is needed, to grow and nurture life. It is concerned with issues around care, nurturing, security and protection, ensuring the continuation of life, in connection to home, food, family, domestic, shelter, to the roots of all plants and growing vegetation, and the living beings of the earth, our sense of belonging and emotional connectedness and sharing, our sense of collective cohesion, the origins of all things, the past. This Moon fully illuminates our needs for the above things (what may be lacking). It is completely liberated, uninhibited, innovative, wild, experimental, free of conditioning and it is also wise and successful in navigating unfamiliar paths and places, as long as we don’t exercise too much control. We need to be open to potentialities. We are in the process of birthing or nurturing ideas, reflecting on ways to repair situations, information, or deal with what is lacking. In search of the missing piece, we may intuit on a new way to navigate a certain territory, a new direction, that may liberate, innovate or break new ground in expressing ideas, skills or talents, while it is preparing us to work with consistency on long term goals.

(Moon in Cancer Out of Bounds, near fixed star Canopus, and conjunct Pallas Athena, in trine with Uranus in 15 Taurus Rx, exaltation of Jupiter at 2 Aries)

This Full Moon speaks of the need to overcome situations with inventiveness and dignity, it is highly intuitive, imaginative, contemplative, introspective coupled with wisdom, and creative intelligence in recognising patterns and making connections between things. It negotiates a closure and ending chapter, a kind of rebirth, that prepares us for serious future work, life choices and a manifestation of creative potential through ‘meeting’ and/or ‘parting’ with people and places.

(Moon conjunct Pallas Athena, Mercury combust approaching inferior Conjunction, Sun parallel Pluto)

While experiencing our current reality, we realise that there is also something else we need to be doing. A need to repair our sense of belonging, and find this place, context, or make the time, so that our voice, our values, talents and skills, our capacity to relate, value ourselves, appreciating a sense of  joy, love, creativity can be experienced.

Background themes:

The awakening  about the need to simplify things, appreciate life more in fertile ways, through releasing complexity, as well as understanding how sharing and finding healthier levels of dependency regarding resources is accelerated through the eclipses in the Taurus/Scorpio axis since January 2022 and into the summer of 2023. A secret mystical link between the planet of innovation and the planet of intuition and imagination. Collectively we become more aware through intuition of what lies behind the surface of things. We need not become victims of the collective but rather be awakened and innovate in our connection with it and within groups of people.There will be opportunities to intuit on what path or which people are right ones for our spiritual or creative needs.

(A septile aspect between Uranus and Neptune is active, and presents with Uranus is on fixed star Menkar)

We are all undergoing a process of immense internal change, as well as a kind of ‘identity’ crisis, which centers around questioning and examining a healthier level of proximity or distance from situations, people and ideas, and our connection to the world. Even if it is not a conscious identity crisis, it is at least a fertile moment re-learning or re-examining, re-viewing our goals, desires, inner drives, skills, and calls from experimentation and a new relationship with time and the life plan.

We are unlearning or re-learning to exist, and connect in a new way. Re-thinking and decluttering all thoughts is important while we preserve a space of security for what we value and consider precious. The need to build a safe context to express values and talents that is free of judgement is important for our sense of relatedness and sense of cohesion, and we may have opportunities to gain insight into progress in this area.

(Mercury Rx and Mars Rx and Out of Bounds in mutual reception – Venus between Pluto and Saturn – Saturn // SN – Saturn contraparallel Uranus).


This Full Moon is a culmination of the lunar cycle that started on December 23rd in the 2nd degree of Capricorn and it is happening in the most fixed area of this cardinal axis (water/earth), which is emphasising a balancing act between our most private world and its connection with external demands. On a collective level, it highlights the need to overcome problems concerning strategies for security, shelter, protection, the earth and its resources, food, and how these are handled through corrective means of leadership, agreements, planning and problem solving that are of geopolitical importance.

On a personal level it highlights issues around family, domestic affairs, our history, sense of belonging and our past, our private vs public life. The cardinal water/earth axis is about life continuity and sustenance of life. vs manifestation in the material world.  

Something is pointing the way to overcoming problems through alternative approaches, courageously accepting what is ‘broken’ and needs repair, and propose alternative tools for healing. We need to bear in mind despite any moments of insecurity or vulnerability, that our actions or gestures will always touch, potentially assist, heal or even educate others. We are becoming gradually more conscious about how our actions affect others, and this is a gift. We are seeking alternative modes of leadership in our world. We become more conscious or sensitised of our vital space, perhaps with a sense of alienation and displacement. There is something that needs to be restored and healed on an individual level of existence, and forcing us to deal with our ties or dilemmas to the past, so that we can move forward.

(Chiron in Aries squaring the Luminaries is in overdrive, and in quincunx aspect to the South Node of the Moon in Scorpio)

We are picking up a thread, a memory, from a place we have left, that re-activates our sense of belonging, as we are re-examining its relevance to our current self or work. On an internal level, it seems like we are re-telling or repeating a story, re-connecting to aspects of ourselves that intent to guide us, or give access to mental or emotional breakthroughs. Thus, this lunar cycle which now enters its waning phase speaks of a new beginning, a fresh new way of looking at things, the way we focus and reflect on what really matters, which is founded on past experience. As the cycle peaks on this full moon it illuminates a collected set of thoughts, ideas, plans, communications and feelings, and/or information, that have surfaced and require serious reflection and reviewing about their validity, resolution and future potentiality.

This lunar cycle has made more visible how the climate has changed and affecting our lives with unusual weather conditions in different parts of the globe, and in metaphoric ways this energy ‘echoes’ on a soul level a wide range of feelings that surface, that seem to aim at pushing us towards reviewing our actions, desires, and needs through a filter of experimentation, adjustment, and redefinition for the future.  

Alternate ways of responding on values, ownership, material security, possessions, self-worth, resources, talents and creations, money, unions, and love and the need to get to the root of things in that area, while negotiating the level of proximity or distance from situations, that makes us feel comfortable. New perspectives for growth, knowledge, revelations, travels, legal issues, social contacts and territories of exploration are emerging, that defy rules, and/or limitations, which emphasise the need for a fresh and liberating way of looking at things, without fears, and may even bring out the emotional resilience we never thought we had. It can also generate very intense and powerful feelings, or transform relationships through honesty, trust and sharing. It promises fated encounters that will broaden our consciousness, or engage us into new fields of research.  It can trigger a need to change our habitual zone or usual patterns, daily routines, travel, due to weather conditions or other external circumstances, and manifest an inner restlessness for experimentation.

(The full moon falls on the degree that Venus was in the beginning of the lunar cycle. The Moon is in the sign of exaltation of Jupiter in the beginning of Aries, and the fall of Saturn)

There is a certain intensity on right and wrong, moral issues, and pressures from the social environment that can require some sort of adaptation or infuse with potentials and likely to remind us of the need to practice empathy. We can also feel a certain pressure to see progress in business, or improve situations in our response to social context and professional activities.

(Pluto at the Jupiter/Saturn midpoint)

Our values, relationships, sense of joy or resources, and condition of the economy in general has undergone a crisis and transformation and is negotiating restrictions and confinement, pondering or evaluating a future vision. All these Venusian things need to test their endurance and long term effects, plus there is a need to reflect on how we value or find creative means to deal with limitations, our time, and release what is unnecessary, as well as our limiting ideas. We maybe pondering how our creations, resources and relationships can find a specific context in which to be best appreciated, and this is a process and a project at work. We are called on to explore new future visions potentials with friends, lovers, partners and like minded people, that can provide us with a sense of balance and equal sharing.  The need to establish deep spiritual connections with people may seem more important at this time. This also speaks of our own voice, and how it needs to be protected. How do we voice things, what do we ‘swallow’ or can’t ‘swallow’ within social contexts, and our community. We may feel a need to unite with others or with creative pursuits, and define our notions of inclusion and exclusion. We maybe experimenting with various scenarios, that will allow for a restructuring of relationships, creativity or resources that gives more freedom.

(Venus at early Aquarius besieged between two slow planets, Pluto and Saturn. Venus is in a closure cycle -approaching conjunction with Saturn, Venus in Mutual reception with Uranus, and being ruled by Saturn and Uranus, Saturn contra parallel Uranus, Venus in trine aspect with Ceres in Libra).  

Leadership ability, self-expression, choices and communications, ideas and skills are expressed through the need for accomplishment, re-definition of inner authority, speaking about what matters. That requires steadiness and consistency, avoiding rigidity or stubbornness, and balancing with a more intuitive and experimental approach to situations.

(Sun and Mercury are conjunct fixed star Rukbat- Moon out of Bounds in Cancer)

Creative, even mysterious skills, information or problem solving ideas are emerging, and also a possibility of important announcements being made, or receiving news, and information of significance. Travel, trade, agreements or research, may be areas impacted that either relate to the past or foretell something of the future. 

(Mercury inferior conjunction occurs a few hours after the Full Moon)

When something or someone is missing, the sense of direction or response may become stronger, and while searching for what’s missing we may come across something that we should have been doing all along. This Full Moon can be spellbinding, ground breaking, give a mystical capacity to see and intuit below the surface of things, it can be cathartic in releasing emotional pains, and through sharing powerful feelings and creative spirit with others. It can be empowering, either on a personal level or working for causes and helping others. It may also trigger a sense of deep need for emotional support and intimacy, but also manifest as unrest or turmoil in daily routines, domestic and family affairs, local communities, or certain places in the world (due to accidents, weather phenomena or other unsettling conditions). These will require innovative solutions and strategizing, and can strengthen and intensify relationships with others, in expressing things honestly and uninhibitedly, and only if power games, complexity or coercive tactics are avoided. Above this Full Moon calls for action, and seeing things from a different perspective.

(The last aspect the Moon makes before it leaves the sign of Cancer, is an opposition with Pluto which may be alleviated by the trine to asteroid Juno in Pisces. The Moon is close to fixed star Canopus)

The Full Moon and its themes are active for the next couple of weeks, but the actions taken at this time may be long term.

This Full Moon has a more personal feel for you:

If it happens in angular houses in your chart, and/or if you have planets or points at 12-22, or 27 degrees of cardinal signs, water and earth signs. And planets or points at 1-4 degrees of Aries, 4 degrees of Aquarius and Libra.

© Eleni Kostika 2023

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