New Moon @ 21 Leo 31′

August 14, 2015

Re-vitalise Body and Spirit, Validate our sense of authority

Honour Love (of Life and Self) through satisfying the need for personal freedom

A new Lunar month begins in the fiery sign of Leo. As a fixed sign, Leo is of the quality of fire that keeps burning; sustains warmth thus manifesting as loyalty and radiating vitality. The ruler of Leo is the Sun, the centre of our Solar system the most important source of energy for life on planet Earth, so this Lunar cycle is primarily about the self, connection with all off-spring, and feeding the core of our being -our heart.  There is a New Moon in Leo every year, within the months of July/August which places emphasis on the Leo traits, and the dignified Solar power.

What makes each New Moon cycle special is the unique imprint of celestial energy of the moment, that shifts the focus onto a particular theme and intention.

The Moon/Sun conjunction marks a point of arrival and departure of a 29.5 day perpetual cycle, within the continuum of internal processing of experience which is most personal to our own individuality. Within this cycle the lunar phases, function as tuning indicators between emotional needs and self-will; this is the essence of what actually informs and invokes life’s decisions.

The New Moon phase lasts about 4 days, until August 18, and within this period of time the intention of the new cycle comes into focus.  The Moon signifies emotion, our needs, the body, and also collectively is a significator for people. Interaction with others is not important for this 4 day period, as the Moon is not visible in its proximity to the Sun. Some attentive inner listening is required to intuit on what the message may mean for us personally. We will be more attune to actively externalise intentions during the 1/4 phase between August 22-26.  Issues will culminate on the Full Moon on August 29, and then we will have a full view of what we are dealing with.


Lunar month Key themes and subtext:

August 14-18, New Moon phase

The Moon is coming into this new cycle separating from a trine with Uranus, emphasizing the need for personal freedom, connection with a group or a harmonious need for change. It will conjoin Venus a few hours after its meeting with the Sun, essentially examining how can this need for personal freedom and change blend with what we value in our lives. This could be a love for another, a basic sense of security, our own self-worth. There is a mix of prideful sweetness and generous affection that can be expressed with this aspect. A need to make space for a relationship, or nurturing love and pleasure. Venus is Retrograde so this is likely to be about revisiting the past or some inner processing. The last aspect the Moon makes before it leaves the sign of Leo, is a square to Saturn, on August 15, urging to act on the reality of our circumstances. The need to deal with, overcome obstacles and restrictions of the past, and practice some emotional restraint must also become part of this lunar cycle. Sun conjuncts Venus on August 15 (this phenomenon astronomically called the inferior conjunction means that Venus passes between Earth and the Sun). The planetary energies suggest an emphasis on the love and valuing of life and self. This may manifest as decisions on relationship matters, or relationship matters highlighting decisions.  Mercury trines Pluto on the same day, opening up a window for an empowering exchange of thoughts and ideas that can prove to be workable, realistic and lasting regarding joint affairs. These are the aspects that are mapping out the field of intention for the month that follows.

This particular cycle is about loyalty, and putting self centre stage.  The self being centre stage, may sound egocentric, but it is from this place that we can really become appreciated, shine, and validate who we really are. Our sense of authority is highlighted. The 21o Leo belongs to Leo decan 3, ruled by planet Mars currently transiting Leo, and is in the terms of Jupiter in Virgo. The drive and motivation of ego/self-will is reinforced with a fighting spirit, and influenced by a quality of expression that sees benefits through the lens of usefulness and application of critical faculties. This can prove to be a cathartic New Moon cycle as long as we acknowledge the need to re-process values and re-visit existing or past relationship issues (Venus is still Rx during the New Moon phase).

Predominant element and qualities: Fire/Hot and Dry

The chart of the New Moon has five planets in Fire signs and none in Air signs. Fire is energy and a channel for life and creativity, so enthusiasm, zest and egos may be flying high. This emphasis implies a lot of motivation. Expect some drama and touchy pride if dealing with some challenge. With the lack of the Air element it may prove a little harder to detach from personal actions or adjust easily to external conditions, and other’s ideas. If you have an emphasis of the Fire element in your chart, you will certainly feel this as a bit too much and you may need to balance it out. Practice some yoga, breathing exercises, work with your heart issues, or open up your chest with a breath of fresh air. This may simply mean doing something fun. There is an abundance of yang energy in the New Moon chart: It will prove very effective to steer this amount of Fire energy toward some productive use or channel it through a more sensual earthy activity.  Self-authorisation is pertinent.


The energy of this lunar cycle may feel more personal to you:

If you are a Leo born between August 12-16, an Aquarius born between February 08-12, a Scorpio born between November 12-16, and a Taurus born between May 10-14. If you have a Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus Ascendant at 21o  (+/- 2 o), and/or have any placements of personal planets at 21o Leo, in your natal chart.

© Eleni Kostika 2015






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