Full Moon at 06 degrees Pisces 06′

August 29, 2015 at 18:35 UT

Release, Heal, Retreat.  Merge with the mystical and the poetic.

This Full Moon is one of the first of three super Full Moons of this year. When the Moon is observed at its closest distance from Earth (perigee)  it appears brighter and larger, thus we call it a Super Moon. A wonderful sight of Luna is guaranteed between August 29-September 2. Do not miss it!  More info on the astronomy of the event at http://earthsky.org/?p=152478.

The Moon at Full Moon phase is at its brightest reflecting the Sun’s light, and also at its maximum distance from the Sun (Opposition – 180 degrees). What emerged as intention or manifested into action during the first quarter Lunar Phase (August, 22-26) is now in full view.

This is a very sensitised, empathic and emotionally receptive culmination, which speaks of a need to connect with an ideal, leap into a bound free zone of emotion or just escape into the realm of the imagination and dreams. It can be an (emotionally) healing or a spiritually uplifting time.

As Moon and Sun oppose each other, the Full Moon highlights a polarity: The Virgo/Pisces axis is about boundaries and dissolution of boundaries. Virgo is earth that seeks perfection, purification and applies all critical faculties in order to serve, improve and heal flaws in the tangible realm of everyday reality, while Pisces is water that seeks to dissolve, idealise, imagine or escape, in order to achieve a cathartic or sacrificial connection with the whole. The Pisces symbol – the two fishes which are pulling in opposite directions-, represents the need to integrate the spiritual with the material realm. Pisces substitutes Virgo’s need for perfection on the earth level, with the synthesis of an ideal that will inspire and restore faith within the spiritual and mental spheres, by redeeming self on the emotional level. The Moon in Pisces is very susceptible in absorbing any external stimuli, intuitive and extremely sensitive to emotional undercurrents, pain and suffering. The Sun’s in Virgo focus is attention to detail, provision and service; cautious and methodical application of will.

Collectively, we are emotionally attuned to universal love, empathy for humanity, and compassion for human suffering.

As both Virgo and Pisces are mutable signs, they are prone to adjust until a desired completion or outcome is manifested. The analysis that results in a synthesis is the polarity in balance. Any excess on one or the other side is likely to show up as tension at this time. Too much work and no rest, deprivation of sleep and “escape” time, any abuse of food or toxic substances, or victim – saviour syndromes, may manifest as discomfort or vulnerabilities on our immune and digestive system, and generally weaknesses on a physical level. This is the healing axis, so health issues and the need to care for ailments, our physical condition, and re-establish some balance in our daily eating patterns and routines, by dissipating bad habits are potential themes. While Sun transits Virgo for most of September (August 23- September 22), the processing and digestion of spiritual and physical food is critical for our vitality. With the Moon in Pisces, the need to physically and emotionally detox, and remove ourselves from negative people and environments, is heightened. The capacity to set boundaries maybe tested. Working with the solar plexus chakra, and drinking a lot of water can provide relief and release of blockages in those areas. Focusing on what is useful or serves a purpose in our lives is reflected by the Sun in Virgo. This may externalise itself as a conflict between emotional needs and habitual patterns that operate without boundaries, and everyday obligations and duties that require prioritising and efficiency.

Instead of surrendering to the stretch of this tension, we can try applying some imagination by infusing some magic or sacred “dance” ritual into our daily routines and way of working and watch miracles happen. Exercising in remote places or near water can also be healing. This is about finding our very own healing space or place of retreat, while still feeling productive on a day to day basis. Finding this balance can be magical and poetic. Sometimes it is necessary to dissolve boundaries in order to understand what really serves some purpose. Oppositions highlight decisions. We may find ourselves torn between duties and escapism, having to choose between helping another by making a sacrifice, surrendering ego, dealing with some sort of ending, and re-claiming our right to privacy. Impressions can be deceiving. As feelings and moods are prone to drift and fluctuate, we may feel confused about practical decision making, or a definitive judgement, although there may be a need for one.

It is a time when we may have the tendency to promise too much, or surrender too much for the sake of an idealised appreciation of a matter (it could be love, work, or any other cause). There is also a need to emotionally deal with the truth, and dissolve delusions (our own or other’s). It can be a highly transcendental moment, especially if dealing with relationship issues. The Moon separates from an opposition with Jupiter in Virgo, and will apply to a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. Both planets are co-rulers of Pisces and are in opposition to each other for most of September, bringing compassion, faith and speculation to the fore. It is crucial to keep the balance even, between the truth in what we wish to support or benefit from, and the idealism or sacrifices it may involve. Within this context relationship themes are playing a prominent role. Venus Rx will make a marked conjunction with Mars at 14 degrees Leo on September 1, which may promote an impactful potential encounter with another as they may re-enter our immediate sphere. Venus is a morning star so she is more into a fighting or re-claiming mode of action.

This Full Moon will highlight our most delicate, sensitive and receptive sides, thus we may be prone to escapism, delusions, or self-undoing. However, it heightens intuition, imagination, faith and spirituality, and presents the opportunity to an elevated sense of emotional exhilaration, and relief, with great refinement and exactitude.  It is great for humanitarian, healing, meditative or artistic work. Remote feelings  can be accessed through inner vision, dreams, imaginary and inspirational pursuits. Emotional release brings catharsis, as the capacity to feel transpires into the ultimate connection with the whole. Melancholy, poetic expression, mystical initiations into the unknown, or just a kind of seductive escapism, can offer outlets on how this may be possible to manifest.

The Full Moon phase lasts until September 2, and its effects will be disseminated, released, and processed in the waning phases until the end of the current lunar month on September 13.



The energy of this Full Moon may feel more personal to you:

If you are a Pisces born between February 22-28, a Virgo born between August 26 – September 01. If you have a Pisces or Virgo Ascendant at 03 degrees  (+/- 3), and/or have any placements of personal planets at 06 degrees Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius, or 14 degrees Leo in your natal chart.

© Eleni Kostika 2015




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