New Moon at 26 degrees Sagittarius 31′


18 December 2017, 06:30 UT

In review or while re-telling a story, we plant a seed for a new “journey”

Chasing time, we come into contact with the broader meaning of things.

What makes us feel optimistic? What gives a sense of perspective? How do we strengthen our visions?

Response to the “unfamiliar” and the gifts of life that are energised through knowledge and the philosophical attitude of our very own sense of existence.


The New Moon, at 26 degrees Sagittarius 31′ tunes our responses towards seeking truth, aiming further, feeling free and adventurous, philosophizing, nurturing  a vision, cultivating a sense of perspective and focusing on the big picture. Perhaps we can explore another viewpoint or approach to life. We focus on a new intention with enthusiasm and optimism. During this lunar cycle, we become more conscious of the way we relate with the “unfamiliar” experience of life, and this presupposes moving out of our comfort zone, on both material and spiritual levels. How open or tolerant are we to what is “different”? We are standing on a threshold. How ready are we to welcome a new dimension of experience in our lives?

The chart of the New Moon is dominated by a stellium of planets in Sagittarius (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Saturn). Sagittarius is the centaur, half-horse and half-man who holds his bow and arrow aiming high in the skies. This sign expresses the marriage of our material existence with our spiritual world, and in essence in this cycle we negotiate how our more material urges, desires and instincts are filtered through our spiritual perception and find purpose. Moon is nurturing, cultivating and responsive, Sun is self will, Venus has to do with our values ​​and unites, Mercury connects and processes, and Saturn builds and crystallizes. This energy may feel too much to express itself and we may have to go on the other side to balance it, Gemini may be the key. Communication and connecting in a more light-hearted, non-conclusive manner. The need for the “new”, the pursuit of aims,  is highly energised, and it forces us collectively and personally to cultivate experiences that will give us more freedom, truth and meaning. We need to do new things, respond in a promising way, and explore new horizons, new environments, relationships and contacts. At the same time as Saturn is in the last degree of Sagittarius (anaretic) and all the planets in Sagittarius are moving towards him, there is a dominant sense that this maybe the last effort to catch up with time: Some commitment, something from the past or even a goal that seems within reach, that has been strengthened, worked on or even hindered during  Saturn’s transit over Sagittarius over the past 2.5 years, may be in review (Mercury Rx). All these planets are in Jupiter’s natural realm, and as he is  the ruler of this lunar cycle now in Scorpio, gives all reason to reveal and magnify things  in an empowering way. In square with the Moon’s Nodes, Jupiter enlarges, expands and supports our connection with others. It may feel like a critical crossroad of evolutionary significance that inquires into making a transition, stabilising a change of orientation, exploring inner desires, and truths that lie beneath. Jupiter applies to a sextile with Pluto an aspect that will perfect in mid January, and it is as if Jupiter and his brother have some potential to join their worlds. This aspect gives opportunity to attract or connect resources either for spiritual or material purposes or both. These resources may start to become visible as the lunar month draws to a close. It is important to define motivation and ethos in this process (for more information, see Jupiter in Scorpio).

Saturn (Kronos) as a mythological deity was Zeus’s father. Zeus eventually dethroned him and split the world in three parts with his brothers Poseidon and Hades. Saturn is leaving Jupiter’s sign and this somehow implies that we must not succumb to fears or deny the acceptance that all things come to an end because this is a part of a natural continuum of expansion and contraction that marks important shifts in our development.

Everything leads to Mars in the chart of the New Moon, as it is in domicile as the traditional ruler of Scorpio. Mars is pulling the strings, so to speak. And the environment of Scorpio is the place where self-will, our deepest motives, our desire to succeed, to claim, to evolve something, to try and persist are strengthened. Any conflicts we face have to do with our psyche and our sense of identity, but we may also find that others can activate our desires and motivate us. During this cycle we need to clarify and distinguish the “why’s” and trust our instinct and intuition. We can add new impetus to plans and creations, to steadily strengthen the way we  invest our energy and to fortify ourselves better in respect to restrictions and what needs to be done to overcome them. We come to terms with an attitude of perseverance.

A field of experience has been completed on a collective or personal level that has to do with our established patterns of perception, knowledge and belief systems, how we judge reality, or be conscious about the sense of perspective real world has to offer (Saturn in the 29th Sagittarius). We have gathered experience, and it seems extremely urgent to conclude. A sense of haste is likely to take over. The last degrees of mutable signs have a high visibility, as they precede the zero-degree of cardinal signs, which are like gates of entry into life, connecting the personal with the collective, and public sphere of life. They mark beginnings or initiations that can have impact and include others. In the specific case of 00 Capricorn, where Saturn is at home, emphasis lies on the recognition, attainment and the concept of social acceptance. Saturn’s Ingress into Capricorn coincides with the winter solstice during this lunar cycle. A significant cosmic synchronicity.

The transition from the element of Fire to the element of Earth represents the crystallization of a creation. The accumulation of knowledge and experience that manifests in reality. From the social sphere to the collective. We’ve been investigating and re-structuring  spiritual matter, as society and as individuals, and now we will enter the period when will test it its endurance and realisation in the context of tangible reality. While we are reviewing data in this cycle due to Mercury retrograde, we have the opportunity to reconnect bits of information and align plans and communication with others or collective endeavours (Mercury in sextile and trine to the Moon’s Nodes). The mood to connect is greatly enhanced, and emphasises a powerful dynamic to the notion of “return” to do with people or environments. Discussions or collective ventures that we have left behind or wish to pick up on, can find ground and resonance if we communicate about them.

Venus in Sagittarius forms aspects with other planets, that will assist in  bridging relationships: She is applying to a waning square with Chiron in Pisces, which speaks of a crisis of consciousness in healing of traumas that mainly concern our faith, in how we value, relate, and attract skills and resources. Then she proceeds to form a trine aspect with Uranus in Aries, that speaks of harmonizing with a kind of awakening, altruism, and promotes renewal in favour of what Venus represents. Relationships are not a one-way thing, they may operate in alternative ways. We connect with people again or make new acquaintances that renew us and promote individuality. Liberation and change is a path that can lead to commitments that are sustainable on a long-term basis. Venus will meet Saturn during the cycle in the sign of Capricorn. Relationships and commitments formed during this time can be realistic, and long-lasting. However, we need to exercise patience, and restraint on what we wish to expand and support for it to engage with a stage of realization (Jupiter semi-square Saturn).

We enter the new cycle under the influence of a separating trine between the Moon and Uranus. There is a mood for change, and a need for renewal. The Moon is applying to a conjunction with Saturn before it leaves the sign of Sagittarius, and this aspect describes what the cycle may bring into manifestation. This conjunction speaks of maturity, self-sufficiency, and a kind of closure on a long emotional cycle. It is time for us to mature collectively, set boundaries, respond critically in respect with what constitutes reality, or any form of power. To feed and cultivate the notion of continuity, and to become more conscious of time, consequence, and payback. This meeting has impact. The Moon has to do with the archetypal “mother” and Saturn with the archetypal “father”. Our collective consciousness of  “parenthood” is at a critical final stage (anaretic degree), ready to transcend into a new territory. The Moon has to do with roots and the sense of belonging, and Saturn with the structures that support us, but also with the archetypal authority figures who act as mentors, teachers, or are in a position of power. There is an emphasis to build something on our origin, homeland,  or legacy. The cycle emphasizes limitations within family dynamics, or the relationship between family and real estate. The world seems to be up for a reality check, operates in a critical mode, needs accountability, and this is of substance. Disclosures continue while Jupiter is in Scorpio, and the presence of women in respect to serious issues in the collective sphere will become more visible. On a personal level, the cycle nurtures closure, alienation in the family tissue, the need to work to achieve something, the sense of duty, receiving responsibility, and emotional equanimity. We may align with long-lasting relationships, become more aware of the superficial or obliging dimension of ties with others and be more in touch with what we really need. Saturn has to do with wear and tear. So, how do we take care of everything that supports our reality?

Whatever seed is planted during this lunar month, for the next 29 days, will force us to explore new territories of experience, develop and exchange ideas, give reasons to feel optimistic and motivated. The element of Fire and Water are most dominant in the chart of the New Moon, so we can expect a kind of ambivalent mood (hot and cold). On the one hand, Fire expresses warmth and excitement, and on the other, Water may put this Fire out, in order to get in touch with a kind of synthesis of data. It is a cycle that will give strength to promote plans and actions, broaden our horizon, while it speaks of bringing closure. As a sense of duty takes over personal or collective space, we may come to realize on a deeper level what it is we really need, and what is absolutely necessary in our lives. We gather substantial emotional wisdom. Mars in Scorpio will help any action retain stability, and confidence. Contact with nature, and physical activity will channel energy in healthy way.

(If you are familiar with your natal chart, look for the house that contains the 26th degree of Sagittarius. This is the sector of life that will focus on a new intention.)


The energy of the Lunar Month has a more personal feel for you:

If you were born December 16 – 20 (Sagittarius), June 15-19 (Gemini), March 15 – 18 (Pisces), September 17 – 21 (Virgo). It also affects those who have planets or points in Scorpio. If your ASC, any angle or personal planet is at 29 degrees (-2) mutable and/or 00 degrees (+1) cardinal.


Warmest wishes & Love! I hope everyone finds what they need!

© Eleni Kostika 2017


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