New Moon at 15 degrees Sagittarius 07′


7 December 2018, 07:20 UTC


Chasing time, focusing on the broader meaning and perception of things.

The cosmic moment to tell truths, open our hearts and activate our dreams and ideals.

New horizons, experiences and knowledge, after a crisis. Dream, truth or illusion?  


The New Moon, at 15 degrees Sagittarius 07 ‘, activates the need to aim higher, to feel free, and gain an overview of things. Our sense of faith arises from within.  We may be inclined to explore another view or approach to life. We set a new intention, with enthusiasm, optimism, adventurous and expansive spirit. What motivates us: faith, a vision, justice, truth, and the lack of tolerance to limitations. Sagittarius is gifted with the ability have a broader vision and illuminates it’s passions with a generosity that is contagious. In this cycle we say “yes” to the unfamiliar, as self-will is fuelled by an inexhaustible desire to explore life. In this cycle of the Moon we engage with “the foreign”, and generate momentum to get out of our comfort zone, both in the material and spiritual side of life. The desire to travel, to escape, to feel good, to connect with people, to overcome things is zealous, fervent, uncontrollable, sweeping, contagious and exploratory. And that has tremendous power to expand. If you want to convey something that you believe in, you envision, you know, you feel is important, this the lunar cycle to externalise it. If you seek support in your endeavours, it is the month to transcend boundaries, expand your dreams and ideas, and meet with others who can sponsor or help you. The dimensions that any (collective or personal) endeavour, action, mission or movement can take is grand, and the challenge would depend on the context and the quality of the vibration, its ethos and intention. We are on a threshold before winter (Capricorn) in the Northern hemisphere, and the Sun in Sagittarius centres spirit and will, on turning inwards, seek inner truth and take prepare for a new season, while the Moon in Sagittarius aligns collective mood by disseminating the vibration during the cycle, towards improvement and a better future within a societal context.


Fire signs are energetic, dynamic and extrovert. This is the first Lunation cycle in Sagittarius, after 12 years where Jupiter the ruler of the New Moon, is in its domicile. Thus, the intention we will be setting this month is especially potent as the New Moon also happens to be in the most stable area of ​​the sign (15 degrees). Jupiter as the sponsor of the New Moon will support the mood for risk, yet it speaks also of a cycle which has moral and intellectual power. The Sun-Moon synod coincides with the closure and the commencement of the two-year Mars-Neptune synodic cycle, which happens at 13 degrees Pisces. Pisces, is also a sign that is traditionally governed by Jupiter. Whatever is triggered and energised at this cosmic moment will have a tendency to spread and will be difficult to tame, as both Jupiter and Neptune possess spiritual content and at the same time cross or dissolve boundaries. Every conjunction speaks of initiation, beginnings with impact, and in this specific one, Mars planet of action, desire and assertion operates through imagination, compassion, inspiration and is sensitized by expectation, ideals, and art. He is the spiritual or the dreamer warrior. It acts through coalition, blurring boundaries, promoting synthesis. We will either wake up from delusions and shattered dreams, or refine our actions through our value system to achieve the inconceivable. What are the actions that permeate our sense of beingness?

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus (now in the Scorpio – detriment) a sign that is traditionally ruled by Mars. Venus symbolizes love, pleasure, values, unions, money. As this is the moment to be emotionally co-ordinated with Jupiter’s demands for more justice and collective prosperity, Venus transit through Scorpio  (a sign of the fall of the Moon) shows that it is through discomfort for the weakening of values ​​that render financial support and security critical. Mars and Venus are in mutual reception, as Pisces is the exaltation of Venus. Venus in Scorpio fights and claims with courage, persistence and stability. This is a dialogue that speaks of love and unions of the highest and lowest frequencies. With the influence of Neptune, it can be glamorous, magical, spiritual or sacrificial, but sleazy or tormenting too depending on context.


On a personal level, generosity may also come from, the promise of a higher form of eros and love, that is unconditional; a uniting mood, which is ready to overcome, to claim, to defend; from artistic works that touch our soul and catapult our existence in transcendental territories, from the impulse to defend the right to dream. This cycle of the Moon helps to express the truth of love, to escape but also to gain awareness of how lies, weaknesses or disappointments lead us back to our own truth.  

Sagittarius is the centaur, half-horse, half-man who targets his arrow high in the sky. It is an armed sign, a hybrid being that possesses both material and spiritual needs, and in essence in this cycle we negotiate how our primal desires and instincts pass through a spiritual filter of perception to aim somewhere. Gain some meaning. It is on ideology and beliefs that we act upon too, so in Sagittarius’ we find entrepreneurs, generous, well travelled and wealthy businessmen who transcend borders, excessive personas who live life to the fullest, and we also do  find enlightened individuals, who are disseminating knowledge, teachings and wisdom.

A quest, any intention to spread ideas and beliefs, will find support, and may operate generously, but also dogmatically and without moderation. Generosity is about giving more than is necessary, is readiness to give, is about being tolerant without measuring or counting distances. As the Moon meets the Sun, it is time to listen to our heart, and to make a new beginning that centres on truth and our inner faith. Anything we do is founded on faith and hope. If we do not have faith everything seems pointless. The New Moon in Sagittarius activates promises, makes revelations, brings justice, assists to gain clarity on harmful habits and health issues, supports the spirit and the body by understanding how our insatiable appetites, and excesses based on escapist automated reactions are removing us, from the capacity to find meaning, and focus on a healthy approach to life. It is the time to clear the fog of illusion, to accept our weaknesses, to become aware of our sensitivities and to make a new beginning in relation to our desires and ideals.  

The landscape we are familiar with changes, our priorities and motives shift direction, our belief system finds new prospects, we want more justice. It is time to make plans and unite with those who share our beliefs, philosophy, ethics and become conscious of our need to explore the world.


The New Moon in Sagittarius (mutable fire) asks us to explore and change orientation. Mercury in the last degrees of Scorpio is now direct and forms harmonious aspects with the Moon’s Nodes thus aiding contacts with important others or groups that will work together creatively through sharing resources and research. Our vulnerabilities harmonise us with others, or unlock alternative paths through ties and contacts that  facilitate our ventures in a fertile way. Chiron in Pisces in trine with Mercury and the Lunar Nodes, eases potentiality for exchange of knowledge and remedial tools to develop joint efforts. It is a particularly fruitful condition to communicate what inspires us or is of real interest to us. The New Moon is at the midpoint of Uranus / North Node, bringing emphasis to political associations advocating reforms, sharing life experiences with others, forming unconventional relationships.”  (R. Ebertin – The Combination of Stellar Influences, p. 271)

The Luminaries separate from the square with Mars and Neptune, illustrating our gradual parting from stressful or nebulous situations that may have strained our nervous system and our vitality. The need to  rest, revitalise body and spirit, and exercise inner reflection in order to clarify a  transition is emphasised. As the two planets (Mars-Neptune) apply towards perfection of their conjunction shortly after the New Moon, the intention we are setting demands aligning with ethos, and higher ideals. Mars-Neptune synodic cycle marks a beginning that aims to primarily sensitize us and inspire us, blend desire with an ideal. It also glamorises sensuality and adds magnetism to the environment in which we operate, or the way we express our desires. This is particularly favourable for erotic encounters, for artistic or philanthropic actions. However, It is a mix of energies that can also disorient us, disperse energy reserves, manifest as carelessness or create toxic conditions. It is important to take this into account in the relationships we form at this time or in the way we act as Neptune blurs boundaries and represents addictions. We need to avoid anything that is on the fringe of lawful conduct, or lacks clarity. Collectively, the aspect may be speaking of, scandals, illegal activities, as well as spreading epidemics. On the positive side, it is emphasising pioneering artistic and charitable activities.


The New Moon chart lacks  Air so a more active oriented and emotional response to situations, can be expected. Saturn is in Capricorn, and as the luminaries along with Jupiter in Sagittarius, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio precede it, the celestial picture looks like they are chasing time, activating a mission that aims at catching up with difficulties, limitations, or attempt at generating new conditions that can be implemented later. This can be accomplished through broader collective actions, new ideologies or collective alliances that transcend borders, either physical or spiritual. Governments, authorities and austerity measures (Saturn) may not yet see what is coming, what is set in motion, and how the collective demands for more justice and ethos can create uncontrollable expansive conditions. The process is already at work and they have evidence ahead of them, as Mars-Neptune conjunction in Pisces (fight for ideals, rapid spread of chaotic actions)  and Uranus in the last degrees of Aries (impulsive awakening-revolution-progress) suggest. The example of the recent riots in France is reflecting this scenario and will tend to escalate. This may be more critical when Mars enters Aries in January the month of Eclipses. The New Moon is in antiscia with the 15th degree of Capricorn (degree of the Solar Eclipse on January 6, 2019). This cycle in effect links its energy with the eclipse theme and is relevant to a wider range developments that will evolve in the coming months relating to sociopolitical structures and resources. When planets are in their domicile (Jupiter and Saturn), they do not cooperate, each one represents their own agenda. And we all understand this through the mythology and the dramatic story between father and son (Kronos and Zeus).

The current lunar cycle for the next 29 days, signals an exploration of new fields of action, developing new activities, separating our position from others for ideological or aesthetic reasons, and finding reasons to inspire and to feel supported by activating our knowledge, contacts and our value system. The elements of Fire and Water are dominant, so we may experience a kind of ambivalence between warmth, excitement, energetic moods and extroversion, that may alternate with endoscopic processes that seek to connect the dots, and synthesise. Love is also a theme as we attempt to clarify and engage in desires that move or inspire us, and speak out truths about them. It is a cycle that will give us faith to promote plans and actions, and we may see a kind of justice, blessing, generosity or recognition in some realm of life. Any feeling of lack of prospect or ignorance tends to externalise insecurity, but it will also energise us to explore options and opportunities beyond our familiar territories. The body may need toning and rest. Exposure to  art and nature is particularly helpful.


The New Moon is highlighting: publications, education, teaching, travel, seminars, legal issues, tourism, business, sports, migration, religion, intellectual and artistic activities. It favours: Taking risks for things we believe, and trying new things.

————————————————– ————————————————– —————

 (If you are familiar with your birth chart, the house where 15 Sagittarius is located is the field of life where you can set a new intention, and the house where 13 Pisces is located the realm of life that you can activate something that inspires you. You may also ponder on this sector of life (Pisces) that you experience the completion of a two year cycle and the way you invest your energy and how it serves your expectations and ideals. )


This New Moon has a more personal feel for you:

If you are a Sagittarius Sun born between December 4-10 , a Gemini Sun born between June 3-8, a Pisces Sun born between March 3-8, a Virgo Sun born between September 5-10, or if you have personal planets, and angular house cusps at 12-17 degrees of mutable signs. You may also be affected if you have planets or points at 27 (+/- 2) degrees of Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, and Cancer, as well as the 6 degrees Sagittarius and 15 Capricorn.


© Eleni Kostika 2018



Photo by Thom Masat on Unsplash

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