New Moon at 15 Aries 17’


5 April 2019, 08:51 UTC

Beginnings toward new directions, managing challenges and accepting responsibility.

The New Moon cycle that begins today is in the interval between January and July’s Eclipses, thus we find ourselves at this very point when eclipse seeds have matured and beginnings as well as dynamic forward action are going to manifest. It is the month that creates the necessary tension to take initiative, manage crises, and overcome obstacles while reminding us that we must eliminate fears and release all  “excess weight”. Aries, is about immediate response and highlights the consciousness of the present moment; the here and now.  

Leaving a period (Mercury retrograde in Pisces) that may have been dominated by ambiguity, elusiveness and fusion of ideas, thoughts, and data, we are entering into the phase where we need to focus on the present actively. Each period has its purpose and we still have some more time until Mercury enters Aries, to process what will ultimately emerge out of this meandering  process of re-examination which was not necessarily intended for reaching a clearly defined conclusion. It seemed more like a mind travel in seeking solutions and engaging with unresolved matter. In the previous lunar month, we may have taken something apart in order to recompose something new, or may have been lost in  bureaucratic conundrums, multiple thoughts, ideas, facts, contacts and stimuli. A kind of creative re-thinking that is not concerned in carrying out, but considers paths, transcends, develops, refines and perceives. Brexit talks may come to mind, and whatever else we engaged with on a  personal or collective level. There are plenty of examples in the news and in our personal lives that resonate with the infinite combinations that were present, while we absorbed signals, and information from all sort of directions. Learning, thinking or communicating tapped into foreign territories, and gestation seeds will potentially emerge soon, with acuity,  a sense of aliveness of spirit and cognition, to promote agreements, conclusions and new directions. Mercury will enter Aries on April 17. Until then, Mercury is gradually gaining speed, leaving its Neptunian experience and applies to a sextile with Saturn in Capricorn, which will assist in ordering things or crystallize agreements. It’s sextile with Pluto may engage the mind into specialised fields of research or handling joined finances.

It is the moment that we take a step forward in a new direction, for matters that were activated in the month of January. Under the spirit of taking initiative, the desire to free ourselves from constraints or to activate a new relationship with our reality, we become aware of the need to mark our vital and creative space of expression. We also clarify our course in relation with significant ties and groups of people. We communicate and externalize intentions, projects, or our capacity to fulfil past, current or future obligations and responsibilities.

The Luminaries apply to an opening square with Saturn and then with Pluto, which through crisis in action, intends to proceed with an evolutionary step either in relation to group energy, past limitations and commitments, or objectives of a collective nature. In respect  to our conscious self, it points out and demarcates important, long-term decisions, efforts and activities objectified by fertilising communication and a creative attitude that will unfold broader perspectives,  and a wider field of spiritual or material development and understanding.  The impulsive and energetic tendency of the Sun and Moon in Aries must operate through rules, discipline and self-control. The square calls for management of status, reputation and public image, while also stating that it is a good time to promote ventures and goals in our vocational sphere, overcome obstacles, manage crises, and to become aware of power struggles, issues of integrity and external approval. We may see political figures step out, put a stance, create crises or resign through pressure. In any case, as far as the political setting is concerned, it is a time when capacity for leadership is being tested.

What has been activated during  the cycle that began on January 6, at 15 degrees Capricorn, but also with the beginning of Sun-Saturn synodic cycle on January 4, will now manifest.

A small parenthesis is due here, as it is useful to remind ourselves of the January Eclipse themes (Saros 122) in order to connect it with the current lunar cycle. In brief the Saros cycle of this family of Eclipses, is related to seeking and connecting with spiritual or artistic groups[1].  The annual Sun-Saturn synodic cycle, with the structuring of authentic expression, maturation of ego, and the sense of integrity required when assuming responsibilities or focusing on long-term goals. How does our sense of inner  recognition and authority connect with outer reality? The meeting of the two planets marks a moment of important crystallisation, and the need to discipline creative expression. Especially more so in the sign of Capricorn. For more information, refer to my post on the January Eclipse here. (If you are familiar with your natal chart, you can observe in which area, 15 degrees Capricorn and 15 degrees Aries are located, and you will get an idea of ​​what parts of life are indicating action, change and moving one step ahead during the following month.)


Returning to the theme of this current cycle, dilemmas may become a concern when the Sun is squaring the Nodal axis (Moon Wobble). An inner turmoil is externalised, as well as critical phenomena on the level of geopolitical developments (the Sun will square the Nodal axis and Pluto on the 11-14 April at 22-23 degrees of Aries/Capricorn-Cancer). An internal dialogue of should I stay or should I go may resonate with this configuration, and this has to do with choosing between comfort zone over the unfamiliar. Signs indicate the field of expression and it is cardinal quality and therefore action, change and new beginnings. Aries points out at being in contact with the present moment, assuming a hands on approach, and keeping distance from too many opinions, especially if we are facing a crisis. A connection with  impulsive and creative intuition and less concern of the rational or tangible order of things. The courage to overcome problems or to take what we have built and activate initiatives to synthesize new things and relationships with people and things that promote emotional experience and cohesion, is the way to go. After the squares that signify tensions, difficulties, effort, pressure, work and serious decisions or commitments, between Sun, Saturn, Pluto, and the Nodes perfect, Sun makes a trine with Jupiter in Sagittarius (April 15), which seems to relieve the previous felt tensions and promote optimism, faith, spiritual and material growth.

The North Node in Cancer is ruled by the Moon in Aries and speaks of spontaneous response and intuition that fertilizes and overcomes situations through investing energy in communication and mobilised actions. Mars, the ruler of the New Moon, in the sign of Gemini is expressing energy with flexibility, and in various directions seeking opportunities. It makes a sesquisquare aspect with Saturn, which may be interpreted as problems, delays or blockages we encounter that may lead to a different direction of action. It seems there is a tendency to postpone or delay pending matters, or to get caught up in other people’s problems. Investing energy in problem solving or implementation of goals is in a process of clarification and shifting of targeting, and while it is doing that it may face some delay, of possibly technical or practical nature. Mercury in sextile with Saturn gives the opportunity to conclude agreements and see ideas and plans materialize. At the same time it assists the rational mind with concentration and carrying out obligations. Mercury also makes harmonious aspects with the Moon’s Nodes which favours professional contacts and collective actions.

On another level, Venus in the sign of her exaltation Pisces, is on her way to meet Neptune. The notion of ideal love, psychic bonding, empathy or inspiration in our unions with others are themes that emerge. This union heightens our sensitivities and sensibilities, to beauty, glamour, higher ideals and values, captivates our senses through music and artistic creation, while it can seduce us into pleasure and harmonising with the greater whole. It is an aspect that gives a certain glow to emotions, heightens expectations, and the saviour complex. It may bring disappointments in love or unions, lack of boundaries as well as dissolution of bonds and alliances. Love for art, music and spirituality are particularly positive expressions of this combination. What is most important is that the notion of unconditional love permeates our consciousness within this cycle.

If we observe the chart of the New Moon, we notice that Uranus is the only planet in a fixed sign (Taurus) and Mars is the only planet in an Air sign (Gemini). Something innovative is taking shape. Mars as the ruler of the New Moon in Gemini points at the desire to connect, through exploration, multiple stimuli and also assists in vocalising our anger. When Mercury will enter the sign of Aries (on April 17) contacts and transactions will feel faster, and mental sharpness will be more apparent.


It is a Lunar month that we will come into contact, collectively or personally, with the consciousness of extreme power of will. It is a time to take action, to accomplish significant things, and to overcome our inhibitions and fears.


The New Moon has a more personal feel for you:

If you are born between April 4-8 (Aries Sun), January 4-8 (Capricorn Sun), July 6-10 (Cancer Sun), October 7-11 (Libra Sun), or if you have personal planets, Ascendant and angular house cusps at 15 (+/- 2) degrees of cardinal signs. It also affects those who have planets or points at 20 and 23 degrees (+/- 2) in Capricorn, Cancer, Aries or Libra, and 17 degrees (+/- 2) of Pisces and other mutable signs.



© Eleni Kostika 2019


Photo by tom on Unsplash

[1] Brady, Bernadette, Predictive Astrology, The Eagle and the Lark, Weiser Books, 1992, p.310

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