Full Moon at 16 degrees Cancer 16’


January 7th, 2023

11 minute read

The path finder. Searching for the ‘missing piece’ – we realise there is something else we need to be doing.

What is the gesture and response that ensures that the seed of creation of life can continue to grow? What moves us, and how do we protect the essentials? There is this moment or strange synchronicity that will intuitively connect us with a ‘missing piece’, and liberate creative potentials, that will promote a new perspective, mission or direction.

How do we respond to the manifest world and it’s demands? Re-examining our sense of authority and life choices. Making a difference. A heightened intuition on how to make a positive gesture through a negative situation. We may all be exposed to some kind brokenness or sensitive situation in our immediate environment, in our engagement with social issues, our public or social life or through the current  world affairs in one way or another. We start to recognise patterns, habits and become more conscious of the need to repair this or gain wisdom that can assist or unblock others and ourselves. Instinctual forces that carry wisdom and relate to problem solving are at play.

Cardinal Water is needed, to grow and nurture life. It is concerned with issues around care, nurturing, security and protection, ensuring the continuation of life, in connection to home, food, family, domestic, shelter, to the roots of all plants and growing vegetation, and the living beings of the earth, our sense of belonging and emotional connectedness and sharing, our sense of collective cohesion, the origins of all things, the past. This Moon fully illuminates our needs for the above things (what may be lacking). It is completely liberated, uninhibited, innovative, wild, experimental, free of conditioning and it is also wise and successful in navigating unfamiliar paths and places, as long as we don’t exercise too much control. We need to be open to potentialities. We are in the process of birthing or nurturing ideas, reflecting on ways to repair situations, information, or deal with what is lacking. In search of the missing piece, we may intuit on a new way to navigate a certain territory, a new direction, that may liberate, innovate or break new ground in expressing ideas, skills or talents, while it is preparing us to work with consistency on long term goals.

(Moon in Cancer Out of Bounds, near fixed star Canopus, and conjunct Pallas Athena, in trine with Uranus in 15 Taurus Rx, exaltation of Jupiter at 2 Aries)

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