New Moon at 26 Leo 35′



Wednesday, 19, 2020:

Arrest decay and restore vigor, vitality and passion. Avoid drama, conflict and narcissist behaviour. There is charisma and talent you possess as your authentic self becomes alive, that is worth being noticed for and others join to praise or assist you. What is it that you are passionate about, who and what do you love? Fight for who you are if necessary. Be creative and spread your love.. your heroic self becomes alive, meet others with a spirit of enthusiasm and stimulate your heart-felt communication. Barriers, rules and limitations may exist, yet they do not need to reside in your heart and mind, they can actually strengthen your actions, confidence, and self-will. It is important to know what you want. Time to show off your creativity and passion, what you are proud of, and perhaps give new life and purpose to something that needs to be completed, has been delayed, needs to be rejuvenated or belongs to the past.  ❤

© Eleni Kostika 2020

Jupiter conjunct Pluto


jupiter pluto

June 30, 2020, Jupiter conjunct Pluto both Rx at 24 Capricorn

Spiritual power – Material wealth – Plutocracy – Revelations and hidden truths that will shift our collective ideals. There is so much more than you perceive! Magnify your inner strength, deepen consciousness, transform your viewpoint instead of obsessing about it, become a spiritual force for others, discover your empowering self and deepest passion, also come to terms with your shadow self, it is part of who you are, empower your spiritual awareness, understand your deepest fears -where is the wealth and where do we see it? In Capricorn it is all about realism, wisdom, abiding to rules and regulations, critical attitude, authority, self-mastery, being respectful, responsible, productive and committed. Which is the right thing for you, in relation to the right thing for others, may be part of your internal dialogue right now. This is the second conjunction in the year between the two planets. It is a moment of great spiritual power, lets use it accordingly. This is a seed moment that will define the next 12-13 years of how we appreciate power, ambition, spiritual and material wealth personally and collectively. What do you really wish for in the depth of your soul? This is a moment of a beginning of a transformation of how we view the world and gaining depth of experience. Check the house this is occurring in your natal chart, this is where it all starts from. Check the natal placement of Jupiter and Pluto in your chart, this is the origin of things on your personal journey of experiencing expansion, growth and transformation on a deep soul level. Where were you in 2007 and where you are now? Think back on what occurred in 4-5 April 2020, this is the second phase in the workings of the two mythological brothers as they meet (the Olympian God of the Sky and thunder, and the God of the Underworld), the last one being in November 12, 2020. There is an ongoing process of an end and a new beginning.

© Eleni Kostika 2020

Mercury in the heart of the Sun


mercury cazimi

Mercury in the heart of the Sun (just for today):

Speak from your heart about all Venusian things. Be it real or not it will  be communicated, and it has power and your very own value. As you think, you feel, as you feel, you speak, you write and compose and so on. Does not have to be conclusive. Venus in Gemini is squaring Neptune. The Moon is in Libra. It is all a synthesising process and it can be engaging, enchanting, sensual, romantic or just a trip in wonderland. All about relationships, art, love and money.

Eleni Kostika, 2020

Mercury conjunct Chiron


Mercury conjunct Chiron at 06 Aries:

Words and thoughts can either wound or heal. Learning and healing. Speaking about our vulnerabilities we help others. Wisdom and special gifts through writing. These are expressed with courage, boldness and creative spirit.

Σύνοδος Ερμή-Χείρωνα στις 06 μοίρες Κριού:
Ο λόγος και οι σκέψεις μπορεί να πληγώσουν ή να θεραπεύσουν. Μάθηση και θεραπεία. Μιλώντας για τις αδυναμίες μας βοηθάμε άλλους. Σοφία και ταλέντα μέσω του προφορικού και του γραπτού λόγου. Εκφράζονται με κουράγιο, τόλμη και δημιουργικό πνεύμα.

Επηρεάζει όσους έχουν πλανήτες ή σημεία στις 05-06 μοίρες των παρορμητικών ζωδίων.
It affects those who have planets or points at 05-06 degrees of cardinal signs.


© Eleni Kostika 2020

Form-Time-Space: Saturn-Pluto


Saturn-Pluto: Form-time and space: a shift in our perception: positive and negative space

Through the process of subtraction, we come into contact with the concept of positive and negative space, and our relationship with space and time acquires another dimension that can change our perception of what acquires form. It is the negative space that will eventually shape form after the elimination process continues. It is the relationship with the tangible and spiritual dimension of the world that is undergoing change most intensely in our time. Let’s think about what we see each time we are deprived of something, and how we can make use of negative space. In 1915, the Danish psychologist Edgar Rubin created a series of designs that reversed two-dimensional forms. Beyond the reality of the tangible structural system that rules us with all its symbols, social imperatives and acquired values, toward the evolution of the emotional connection with the world as a living organism that is the planet, which is what actually supports the continuity of life (nature, animals, people, climate) (Cancer / Capricorn axis).


© Eleni Kostika 2020